What does AC4 mean in laminate flooring?

What does AC4 mean in laminate flooring?

14 August, 2023

Looking for a resistant, durable and economical flooring? AC4 laminate flooring offers excellent value for money with a matte or glossy wood finish.

AC4 laminate flooring is among the most flexible on the market, as it can be installed both in residential and commercial spaces with low to medium foot traffic. 

In this article, we will explain the main characteristics of AC4 laminate flooring.

What is AC4 laminate flooring?

As we have already explained in other articles of our blog, laminate floors are synthetic flooring formed by superimposed layers of different materials (usually plywood or fiberboard) that are arranged in a layered format.

This type of floor has 4 layers:

  • Protection layer or Overlay. This is the top layer, and its main function is to add strength and protection to the surface of the slat. 
  • Decorative layer. This is the layer where the design of the floor is printed and that will add a somewhat aesthetic finish (simulation of wood, simulation of natural stone or marble, creative designs, etc.). 
  • HDF core. Normally, the core of laminate flooring is a high-density wood board. This layer is the most important, as it determines its quality. 
  • Balancing layer. The balancing layer has two uses: on one hand, it serves as a barrier to stop the penetration of moisture from the subfloor; on the other hand, it helps to stabilize the floor.

From a functional point of view, laminate floors are classified from AC1 to AC6, although, commercially, it is common to find products from AC3 to AC6. 

The letters “AC” stand for Abrasion Class, and refers to the floor’s resistance to wear and abrasion, with AC3 floors being the least resistant and AC6 the most resistant.

Normally, the AC classification is accompanied by what is called the “ICE” Level, which refers to the floor’s ability to support impacts (i.e., objects falling on it).

Both parameters indicate the general resistance of the soil, being common to make this table of equivalences: 

  • ICE 31 /AC3 soils. Light resistance. They are recommended to be installed in residential areas.  
  • ICE 32 /AC4 floors. Moderate resistance. Recommended for houses and commercial spaces, but with low foot traffic. 
  • ICE 33/AC5 floors. Intense resistance. Recommended for both residential and commercial use.
  • ICE 42/AC6 floors. Maximum resistance to wear and impact. Recommended for commercial and industrial spaces.

In addition to the ICE and AC ratings, the quality of a laminate floor is also determined by

  • Its HDF.  Meaning, the density which the wood fibers which compose the laminated boards have been compacted. A higher density makes the floor harder and more resistant to humidity and temperature changes. 
  • The thickness of the core board. The thicker the laminate flooring core board, the better it will support twisting, cleaning products, footsteps, etc.
  • Whether surface treatment technologies have been applied.
  • The quality of the anchoring system between strips/boards.
Laminate flooring AC4

Characteristics of AC4 laminate flooring

AC4 laminate flooring has a moderate resistance and is one of the best options if you are thinking of renovating your home. 

Porcelanosa Group’s AC4 laminate floors are available in 7, 8 and 10 mm thicknesses, and you can choose from many designs that adapt to the style of your property. 

The ENDLESS series, with a classic aesthetic, has glossy wood finishes and is available in dark brown, light brown and gray. 

L’Antic Colonial’s HOME series is also composed of AC4 laminate flooring and a wood finish using a single slat, guaranteeing a look of continuity that is ideal in spaces such as dining rooms or hallways or for open-plan, loft-style residences. 

If you are looking for matte AC4 floors, we recommend you take a look at the RESIDENCE series (one of the most recommended for rustic spaces or commercial areas such as restaurants) and the STYLE series, which also offer very good features for commercial floors.

Regarding the general characteristics of L’Antic Colonial’s AC4 laminate floors, we can 

mention the following:  

  • They are suitable for installing underfloor heating systems.
  • They offer a high resistance over the years.
  • They have 5-year warranty for commercial use and 20-year warranty for residential use.
  • They withstand humidity well and can be installed in places with abundant rainfall or high ambient humidity. 
  • Some models incorporate flame retardant, antistatic and anti-slip treatments that add quality and comfort to the product.
  • The installation is done by floating, so it is not necessary to remove the previous flooring or glue the floorboards. In addition, their click system provides safety, reliability, and firmness. 
  • They are highly resistant to all types of scratches, knocks, and dents.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.

Is it complicated to install an AC4 laminate floor?

No. Precisely, one of the great advantages of laminate flooring is its quick and easy installation. 

However, this type of work should always be carried out by professionals to guarantee the best finishes.

At L’Antic Colonial, we have the best AC4 flooring options to be installed on any type of surface. 

Contact our team of professionals, and they will advise you at all times so that you can choose the options that best suit your needs.


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