5 basic tips to design the kitchen of your dreams

5 basic tips to design the kitchen of your dreams

14 April, 2022

Do not miss the main aesthetic and functional aspects when designing a kitchen: island design, colors, lighting, space optimization and more

Although the living room is often taken as a reference when choosing the style of a house, the truth is that the kitchen is the real heart of the home, where we spend the most hours and where we gather to have a good time around food.

However, and despite preconceived ideas, we cannot say that there is a perfect kitchen for everyone: after all, whether a kitchen is more or less functional, or has some elements or others, will depend on the needs and lifestyle of each family.

Even so, there are some basic and essential aspects to consider when designing a kitchen

For example, functionality is paramount. It should also be a comfortable place with well-defined spaces for cooking, so that several people can be and work in the room at the same time. Likewise, the kitchen requires different storage areas to organize all the utensils, and kitchenware.

With this in mind, at L’Antic Colonial we have selected the five basic tips for designing a kitchen. We hope you find them useful.

How to design a beautiful and functional kitchen: 5 ideas

U-shaped layout, L-shaped layout or island layout 

The layout is fundamental, especially when designing a small kitchen. 

Furniture will play a crucial role in this regard. In fact, one of the first steps is to determine whether you want U-shaped or L-shaped cabinets. These are the most functional options, although you can also opt for a parallel or in-line layout. 

U-shaped kitchens require more space, while L-shaped kitchens are a suitable alternative for kitchens of any size.

Kitchen design ideas

If you have an open space or an open kitchen, designing kitchens with an island are the best option. When designing these types of kitchens, ideally there should be at least 90 cm. for traffic around all sides of the island. Its advantages are aesthetics, visual amplitude, mobility, design, etc.

Moreover, to facilitate the distribution of the kitchen, experts recommend raising the space from an imaginary “work triangle” composed of three zones defined by appliances: storage, washing and cooking, corresponding to the refrigerator, sink and hob.

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Shelves to maximize space 

Storage space is very important when designing a kitchen.

It is advisable to use vertical furniture (to give greater use to the mezzanines), take advantage of the corners and use drawers with custom designs so that everything is in place when you need it.

If you are thinking about how to design a kitchen that suits your needs, we advise you to evaluate all the options in this regard. And we are not only talking about furniture: we are also talking about other decorative and functional elements such as shelves

Placing shelves is the best option to optimize space. In addition, shelves increase decorative opportunities, since you can place small plants or elements that add your personal touch.

Highlight a wall with wainscoting or wallpaper

Although uniformity seems a safe bet in other rooms of the house, in the kitchen it does not have to be so. 

In fact, when designing a small or multifunctional kitchen, a basic tip is to choose a wall and highlight it. How? By painting it a different color, covering it with bricks or ceramic tiles, or opting for kitchen wallpaper

The best thing to do is to highlight the wall that is most visible. In this way, your kitchen will be more fun, on the one hand, and will stimulate creativity, on the other. 

In addition, the aesthetic possibilities and the combinations with floor and furniture are practically endless, so don’t be afraid to break the mold! 

Colors “a la carte”: b/w, monochrome, prints or fashionable tones. 

Normally, we link kitchens to lighter tones, especially to white. However, this trend has changed in recent years, and more and more people are choosing a dark palette for their kitchen floor, walls or furniture. 

Kitchen designs in dark tones are very flattering, and offer a more modern and refreshed look.

Kitchen design ideas

In small kitchens, a very interesting option is to combine light and dark colors. In this way, we will not lose natural light. So, you can choose a kitchen in light shades on the floor and walls and put a black countertop, or select darker furniture at the bottom and lighter at the top. 

If you do not see any life “in black and white”, do not be afraid to incorporate color: take a risk and introduce green tones on the floor or furniture, or opt for a striking wallpaper. You can also take advantage of cabinet knobs to add a distinctive touch or to homogenize a single-color space, depending on your taste.

Another way to achieve a harmonious kitchen design is to choose the same tone for the kitchen furniture and floor, and appliances in a different shade.

Light, your great ally 

One last tip for designing the kitchen of your dreams: always choose LED lights, as they are much more efficient, and plan a type of lighting for each work zone, somewhat more intense in the cooking area and less in the storage area. 

Lately, it has become fashionable to incorporate LED strips under suspended cabinets. This option is aesthetically pleasing, as it creates an interesting “ambient light”. In addition, this ensures comfort and safety if you are going to use the worktop at night. 

Looking for the kitchen of your dreams? Enter L’Antic Colonial and find modern designs and quality materials for you.


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