Bathroom trends and bathroom reforms for 2024

Bathroom trends and bathroom reforms for 2024

14 December, 2023

Everything you need to know about bathroom trends for 2024: materials, tones and accessories to give your home a unique look.

How will bathrooms be in 2024? What are the decoration and interior design trends for this part of the house? What decisions should I make to have a modern bathroom without losing its elegance and functionality?

The bathroom is one of the rooms that usually needs to be updated over the years, either by changing the bathtub for a shower to make it more comfortable, by renewing the floor and wall coverings that are «outdated», or by choosing new colors and accessories to make it brighter and more functional. 

If your toilet or your bathroom is asking for a change, and you are thinking about remodeling in the coming months, check out the latest trends in bathrooms that you should know.

Styles, materials and colors that are setting the latest trends in bathrooms  

Minimalist, Scandinavian and industrial styles 

The latest bathroom trends are defined by a minimalist and functional approach, with sustainability as the main conceptual axis.

Scandinavian touches, with its essential elegance, clean lines and natural materials, stand as the main choice, although it is closely followed by an industrial style that, with its mix of concrete and metal or its exposed surfaces (for example, with exposed brick walls) have strongly established themselves among the bathroom trends of 2024.

Wood and natural stone, combined with metal and concrete

Wood will continue to be the unquestionable protagonist in the decoration of bathrooms and toilets, both in accessories and flooring, as well as in light and dark tones.

Sometimes, it is combined with white and other materials, such as metal or natural stone.

One of the most eye-catching trends for 2024 is the installation of panels on the walls of the bathtub, combined with natural stone textures (such as marble) on the floor and in the front to give a sense of continuity.

Marble, an elegant and timeless material, is among the ones that will be trending in bathroom decoration for the coming year. 

In this case, the focus will be on big pieces for walls and floors, and finishes with veins and shine instead of matte ones.

As for natural stone, it will continue to be a popular choice in bathroom decoration in 2024

We will be able to see it on the walls of showers and bathtubs, but also in mirrors or sinks, or even as a coating for furniture.

Batroom trends

Vivid and intense colors, far from the monochromatic palette

This year, when it comes to bathroom decoration, beige, earth colors or light gray tones are winning the day, as they provide a fresh, elegant and natural touch, which conveys a sense of peacefulness and comfort. 

Current bathroom renovation trends also focus on adding color: far from the monochromatic palette that we have seen in the past, modern bathrooms are decorated using sage green, beige and light brown, three colors inspired by nature and that fit with materials such as wood or natural stone.

If you are looking to personalize your bathroom, pastel colors like powder pink and light blue will help you create a delicate and romantic atmosphere.

However, if what you want is a modern look, we recommend vibrant and intense tones, such as navy blue, forest green and anthracite gray.

Freestanding bathtubs and floor-level showers 

Bathrooms are often small. 

Therefore, when designing products such as bathtubs, it is important to adapt them to new lifestyles.

Freestanding or independent bathtubs, installed on the back wall of the bathroom, «spa-like» atmosphere, leaving the sides and the front of the bathroom free.

To cover that wall, we recommend slate, although it is not one of the most popular trends for bathrooms, it provides an interesting point of naturalness.

Geometric mosaics and mosaics with volumes will also bring a touch of personality and originality

On the other hand, today’s bathroom trends include natural stone showers, which are becoming more and more spacious and comfortable, without architectural barriers, and at floor level. 

In addition to their modern design, floor-level showers have other benefits, such as their easy maintenance or the possibility of creating a sense of continuity and open spaces without carrying out major construction work.

Batroom trends

Furniture and accessories with simple and functional shapes

If we are talking about trends for bathrooms in 2024, we can’t forget the importance of furniture with simple and straight shapes, which are the real protagonists.

Ergonomic, compact and functional furniture, made of solid wood and overhangs, anchored to the wall, will be particularly attractive.

Round or oval mirrors, with light and storage space, will also be a big hit.   

In fact, smart design is becoming more and more important when it comes to keeping our bathrooms tidy, especially if they are small. 

In washrooms, natural materials, such as natural stone, and organic textures and shapes, will bring a lot of personality to the space, preferably in neutral colors, while introducing shelves and cabinets in other tones or wood texture to add a touch of personality and warmth.

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