Bathroom trends for 2022

Bathroom trends for 2022

23 December, 2021

Feeling comfortable at home is important. That is why every detail counts in interior design and decoration. Check the latest bathroom trends for 2022

The bathroom is one of the rooms of the house that we use the most. Hence the importance of choosing a beautiful design that combines functional and aesthetic aspects. 

If you are thinking of reforming a room in your home, this article on bathroom trends for 2022 may give you some ideas. Here you will find all the information you need about materials, accessories and trendy furniture. 

Our goal? To help you achieve a modern, stylish and quality bathroom, adapted to your tastes and needs.

What materials and accessories should I choose?

This is a very common question regarding the latest trends in bathrooms. Our answer is that the choice of materials and accessories for bathrooms depends on different factors, including the available space, your budget and, above all, the use you are going to give to the bathroom: it is not the same to design a guest bathroom, a children’s bathroom, a small bathroom, or the bathroom of the master bedroom for daily use.  

Of course, this choice will also depend on the style of your home: you can opt for a more modern bathroom, for a more industrial design or for a rustic style, based on natural materials.

One of the most commonly used materials and one bathroom trend that never goes out of fashion are ceramic tiles. This material can be used to cover bathroom floors, being also one of the best options for wall cladding due to its high resistance and ease of cleaning. 

In addition, thanks to the large number of designs available at L’Antic Colonial, you will be able to add a personal, original and casual touch to it.

Bathroom trends

Decorative tiles also have a starring role in the 2022 bathroom trends. 

Until recently, bathroom tiles were “conventional”, with standard shapes (square and plain). 

Today, there are models of different sizes, some of them even with 3D effects, which allow you to give your bathroom walls and floors a modern touchjust take a look at our website and see it for yourself!

Other interesting materials to use when renovating your bathroom are wood and natural stone

Wood conveys warmth and a sense of tranquility. In the bathroom, we can use it in furniture or countertops. 

Regarding natural stone, it is another of the big trends in bathrooms for 2022, both in marble and slate. 

Black will be very present in accessories and washbasins. Our Navona Havana Dark or Karon Circle Havana Dark models are an example of this.

Bathroom trends for 2022 you should know about

Minimalism never goes out of style

Home interior designers always keep minimalism in mind. 

Bathrooms are no exception: after all, bathrooms with pure forms and free of unnecessary objects achieve greater luminosity and visual spaciousness, and are usually more functional. 

Of course, reducing the number of objects does not mean giving up design or comfort. In fact, the opposite is often the case, as we choose to introduce more exclusive pieces that are more suited to our needs.

Within the minimalist bathrooms, suspended furniture stands out, which transmits a sensation of lightness and facilitates cleaning

Neutral colors 

Although black will continue to be very present on floors and walls, in the color palette of bathrooms also appear neutral shades, such as beige, stone and light gray, which provide a feeling of spaciousness, light and elegance. In fact, one of the main trends for bathrooms 2022 is the combination of these tones with natural color complements, such as green or brown. 

Round mirrors

When talking about the bathroom trends of the season, we must always talk about geometric shapes. In 2022, we will have frameless round mirrors, or with very thin frames, so these mirrors are perfectly suited to any decorative style. 

Bathroom trends

“Decentralized” washbasins

Although we are used to seeing sinks and mirrors perfectly aligned in the center, one of the most groundbreaking trends for bathrooms in 2022 is the decentralization of the sink, usually to one side. In this way, we can gain space to give it a functional or merely decorative use.

Two-tone walls

Traditionally, bathrooms were designed in white tones although, in recent years, we find more colorful rooms in which the combination of textures, materials or colors creates attractive contrasts

The “bicolor” walls are one of the trends for bathrooms 2022 that may surprise you. 

You can choose to make a straight plinth (darker at the bottom and lighter at the top), to make a high plinth (especially interesting in bathrooms with higher ceilings) or to make the tonal divisions vertically

It is a somewhat risky bet, but with which you can get very personal results.

Complements that never go out of style

At L’Antic Colonial, bathrooms are the result of the combination of natural materials of the highest quality and exclusive design

The accessories of the Design Series collection stand out, where you will find elements of different compositions adaptable to spaces with basic lines, exclusive signature designs and special models. 

Learn more about our collections and design the bathroom of your dreams with us.


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