Bathroom wallpaper ideas: create a unique space

Bathroom wallpaper ideas: create a unique space

29 March, 2022

Do you want to give your bathroom a unique touch? Wallpaper can be a great option. Read on to find why

Are you thinking of using wallpaper to decorate your bathroom, but you’re not sure if it’s a good choice or what advantages it offers over other alternatives

Wallpaper is perfect for achieving spaces with character thanks to its variety of designs and styles. And, although some people may be reluctant to use it in bathrooms in case its hygiene or durability could be compromised due to humidity, the truth is that many of today’s wallpapers are resistant and prevent perspiration. In any case, consult the manufacturer’s specifications in this regard.

On the other hand, before putting wallpaper in the bathroom, you should read these tips, as they can be very useful.

Advantages of using wallpaper in the bathroom 


The wallpaper used for rooms with higher humidity, such as the bathroom or kitchen, is very easy to clean: you only need to use a damp sponge. You will have to rub delicately, avoiding that the paper remains wet. Afterwards, you can wipe with a soft, clean and dry cloth.  


Although the difficulty may vary depending on the space, wallpaper is generally very easy to put up: it does not require building work and can be put up in just a few hours. It is always advisable to have an expert hand. 

Bathroom Wallpaper


Wallpaper is an affordable alternative that will allow you to change the look of your bathroom or toilet with a small investment. 


Since its aesthetic possibilities are practically infinite, if you choose wallpaper for the bathroom you can opt for a conventional design, monochrome or more unique (with drawings, prints, etc.) depending on your personal taste and the style of your home.

Is it possible to put bathroom wallpaper on tiles?

Probably, this will be one of your questions if you are thinking about putting wallpaper in the bathroom. The answer is yes, you can put wallpaper on top of tiles, but there are a number of things to consider.

To begin with, it will be necessary to do a “preparation” work on the wall that will help us to leave the surface completely smooth

If the bathroom has tiled walls, the first step is to clean the joints between the tiles and then fill the imperfections with a special putty and a spatula: fill the joints little by little and carefully until the wall is homogeneous.

If you find very deteriorated tiles, you can cover the tiled surface with putty.

On the other hand, in bathrooms with wallpaper it is advisable to avoid putting this material in wet areas, such as the shower.

In any case, if you want to place wallpaper on top of tiles in this area for aesthetic reasons, you have the option of installing a piece of methacrylate on top, thus preventing the wallpaper from getting excessively wet. 

To place the wallpaper on top of tiles you will have to apply glue with a roller, directly on the wall, at least 10 cm wider than the width of the wallpaper to be glued. This product facilitates installation, helps to achieve the best results and ensures that the paper does not peel off due to humidity.

Bathroom Wallpaper

L’Antic Colonial recommends using Butech SKINS FIX glue. Check that the application temperature is between + 10ºC and + 25ºC, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions

Modern bathrooms with wallpaper: ideas for inspiration 

In many modern bathrooms, wallpaper has become the main decorative axis on which “turn” the rest of the elements. At other times, it is a detail that, far from going unnoticed, makes the space unique.

One of the main trends in bathroom wallpaper are floral motifs, inspired by nature. 

These types of prints can convey a lot of warmth and relaxation, so they are a good choice for the bathroom. 

However, as some of these patterns are large and eye-catching (check out our AUGUSTA collection) you can put wallpaper in just one part of the bathroom or on a single wall. If you are looking to add a brighter or a more casual touch to your home, wallpaper the entire space with these Amazonian motifs in shades of green (AUGUSTA EMERALD) or violet (AUGUSTA AGATA). 

Slightly more discreet is our FICUS series, in which the pattern in light tones stands out against a dark background

For bathrooms where black is the main character (in floors, faucets or showers), our recommendation is the FICUS FOREST series, which will help you to achieve elegant results; if the floor, sanitary ware and accessories in your bathroom are light and your intention with the wallpaper is to give a touch of color to the room, the FICUS COAL or FICUS TURQUOISE series will be the best choice. 

In bathrooms with a rustic or vintage look, we recommend you to opt for a classic wallpaper, but with a renewed touch: a good example is the WINDSOR series by l’Antic Colonial, with vertical stripes, which can become a good alternative to cover toilets or small bathrooms. 

In classic wallpapers, the motifs tend to be somewhat larger or in golden tones, so our general recommendation is not to renounce them for the bathroom (especially if your intention is to print a retro or British-style aesthetic) but to avoid overloading the space. A good option to achieve this is to wallpaper a single wall and use paint on the rest.

When we talk about decoration, we usually think of the living room, dining room, kitchen or bedrooms. But other rooms such as the hall and the bathroom also deserve our attention. Are you into the bathroom wallpaper trend? Find inspiration in our catalog!


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