What is the best floor type for hotel rooms?

What is the best floor type for hotel rooms?

25 February, 2021

Choosing the best flooring for hotels is not as simple as it looks. So, we make the best decision, we should take into consideration not only the design but also the materials we will count on. Today in L’Antic Colonial we show you the best floor types for hotel rooms and some extra tips to get you started. The...

Choosing the best flooring for hotels is not as simple as it looks. So, we make the best decision, we should take into consideration not only the design but also the materials we will count on. Today in L’Antic Colonial we show you the best floor types for hotel rooms and some extra tips to get you started.

The best flooring for hotels, why is it so important?

A successful hotel should care about the first impression they make on their clients. No matter the style they are decorated, appearance is always one of the most relevant elements one must take into consideration.

To choose the best flooring for a hotel means this and more. We should consider the style, the patterns and colours of it, the material they are made of and how well they will match with the furniture.

However, we should also investigate their practical features. They must be prepared for all kinds of situations. They must be resistant to the high frequency of people and the impact they have to receive throughout the day. 

We should strive for the perfect balance between style, durability, and cleanliness. 

Keeping this in mind, what type of flooring for hotels should we take into consideration?

Best flooring types for hotels

There are several options to choose from: vinyl, carpet, parquet, etc. Selecting the best flooring for a hotel is an inversion in comfort and it will help to improve the guest’s experience. It must be also simple to maintain and easy to clean, while it creates that warming atmosphere that every hotel longs for.

Vinyl flooring for hotels → is it a good choice?


Vinyl floor has always been chosen because of all the comfortability it offers and the great results we obtain. It can be the best flooring option because of the many advantages it presents to the hotel industry. 

First, it is much easier to install and uninstall, which makes it ideal for areas that are constantly being renovated, like a hall, hotel rooms, or the salon. If we are looking for a quick renovation, this is our best option.

However, the easiness of their installation does not mean that they have less durability. They are impact and water-resistant, so they are prepared for the high use that a hotel floor must endure.

In L’Antic Colonial, we have a wide selection of Vinyl floors so you can choose the design and material you are searching for. Imitate the warmth of the carpet with our Linkfloor Contract or explore our unique collection of Hotel Air which imitates wooden floor.

Laminate wood for a natural look

Laminate and vinyl floor shared many characteristics, so many times we will find ourselves deciding which one to choose.

Laminate wood is a good alternative if we are looking for a natural and warm alternative. It will provide the room the elegance and tenderness that only wood is able to give. The final result is just as comfortable as natural wood, but also laminate floor allows us to adapt to the floor to the individual needs of each project.

Thanks to the latest technologies on laminate floors, we can assure that it has great durability, including their high resistance to the sun’s UV rays – something that it is not as usual in other types of wooden floors.

An actual natural wood floor is not always the best option because they are spoiled easily, and with all the impacts that they will suffer, it will need to be renovated every once in a while, which will also mean an increasement in our initial budget.

Because of these reasons, if you are looking for a wooden appearance for your floor, you can opt for either vinyl or laminate floor.

Some tips about the best flooring for hotels

What are the latest trends in flooring for hotels? What is bests for the hall: cement or carpet? And what about the rooms? Should we opt for wood flooring or is it better to choose other alternatives? Depending on the space we are planning to decorate, there are different trends and tips we want to advise you.

Light and neutral colours to illuminate the room

Even though dark colours such as grey and dark blue are always a trend in hotel decoration, we also want to suggest you try lighter colours that will illuminate the hotel rooms and make them look larger and warmer to your clients.

However, keep in mind that this type of material must be cleaned with more frequency since they get stained easily. We recommend vinyl floors because they will be clean fast and smoothly and, they offer a wider range of colours and patterns.

Choose safe and hygienic flooring


One of the most requested features that guests will ask for hotels is cleanliness and hygiene. Because of this, it is recommended not only, as we said before, to provide floors that are easy to clean but also that do not accumulate dirt or humidity.

The lock system in our Linkfloor collection avoids the creation of slits between the laminates so they impede the appearance of these. Out Kingdom collection will give you the hall or the corridors the professional touch you are looking for.

Where to find quality flooring for hotels?

Quality and durability are, as we have seen before, requirements for the hotel industry. However, we must also look for finding elegance and sophistication in the floor that we are choosing.

In L’Antic Colonial, we have the type of floor that you are looking for. Innovation and technology meet to help you find the inspiration you need. Take a look at our catalog to discover the best flooring for hotels.


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