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Pros and cons of glass mosaics on shower floor

3 April, 2020 | Uncategorized
Pros and cons of glass mosaics on shower floor

Deciding what kind of materials you are going to use on the decoration of your bathroom is complicated. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing the right mosaic, like the colours, the shapes, the sizes… Can you glass mosaic tiles on our shower floor?

Glass mosaics can really change the appearance of your bathroom. Their unique characteristics and special features enhance the personality of any room they are placed in.

What do the experts think about it? Can you use glass mosaic tiles on shower floor? There are different opinions around this matter. Architects and design lovers share diverse points of view that might affect our final decision and it seems difficult to finally arrive to a conclusion.

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What should take into consideration when choosing?

Just like people, there is not a single mosaic like the other. Each of them is made to represent a personality, to evoke different emotions and feelings. When choosing the right material for our shower floor, there are a couple of things we should consider first.

  • How difficult is it to maintain it? There are some materials that require less care than others. This should be a priority when looking for a floor that does not demand frequent maintenance.
  • Gripping texture. It is important that the floor does not get slippery when wet. The condensation of the water will accumulate on the surface of the mosaic and if it does not have a good gripping texture, it will be dangerous. Materials like natural stone or ceramics are good for this purpose.
  • Easy to clean. Finding a mosaic that matches the decoration of the rest of the bathroom can be one of the main aspects to be considered. However, cleaning must be also a priority in order to assure your maximum comfort.
  • Durability. Are the mosaic tiles susceptible to scratches or breakage? The materials you choose for them should be resistant to possible unexpected events or stand the test of time.

Advantages and disadvantages: Can you use glass mosaic tile on shower floor?

When designing or remodelling a bathroom it is imperative to think both on the decorative and the functional aspects. You can use glass mosaic tiles on shower floor and it will really transform the room and the way people feel in it.

Can you use mosaic tiles on shower floor? Is it comfortable on the feet? Does it get slippery when wet?

Pros of glass mosaic tile on shower floor

There are many positive aspects that should be contemplated when looking for the right mosaic floor. You can use glass mosaic tiles on your shower floor and truly start appreciating all the advantages this material has to offer.

Water resistant

Water can tend to stain some materials after time, like for example ceramics. You can use glass mosaic tiles on your shower floor knowing that it is waterproof and that it will not get stains, no matter how much time you spend on the shower.

Gives more depth and profundity

Glass mosaic floors have something different that do not have other materials. They reflect the lights and can add depth and profundity to your bathroom. It goes well both with dark colours like black or blue but white will also add a great luminosity and dimension to the space.

Easy to clean

Cleaning is also a relevant factor when designing a bathroom. You can use glass mosaic tiles on the shower floor and know that it will be very easy to clean and that it will always look fresh and new.

Wider range of variety

Glass is very flexible and it can adopt diverse forms and colours. This is one of its most attractive features and one of the reasons why many architects and designers choose it most of the times. With a glass mosaic they are able to create splendid patterns, adapt it to any style and reinforce the personality of the environment.

Cons of glass mosaic on shower floor

Even though there are many positive aspects, there are also some disadvantages that should be reminded before taking the final decision.

Glass mosaics can be slippery

One of the main aspects about glass mosaic tiles is that when they are wet, they can be slippery. This might provoke designers to be reluctant to use it. However, if the tiles have a small size, its grunt joints add the enough traction to make it ideal for any surface.

You can use glass mosaic tiles on your shower floor knowing that is totally safe.

Tends to be more expensive

Sometimes, this kind of material can require a higher budget than others. This is one of its main drawbacks, but its quality and diversity in colours and shapes are worth the extra investment. If you are going to use glass mosaic tiles, consider first what is more important for you.

More susceptible to breakage

Another important aspect about glass mosaics is that they are more fragile than other materials. Their maintenance is quite easy; however they can get scratched more often.  However, you can use these glass mosaics on your shower floor without fearing it being spoiled since this is a space without potential menaces for it.

Conclusions: can you use glass mosaic tiles on your shower floor?

Using this kind of decoration on your bathroom will depend on your priorities and the type of place it might be placed. Glass mosaics can truly redefine the personality of any space. In L’Antic Colonial we are sure of its potential and that it will add the depth and dimension every designer looks for in their creations.

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