Vinyl flooring in the living room: the best idea

Vinyl flooring in the living room: the best idea

5 June, 2021

Choosing the right type of flooring for our home seems at times like an impossible task. To know whether you can use vinyl flooring in the living room is one of the first ideas that might come to your head. Will it give you the same final results as natural wood or ceramic flooring? Is...

Choosing the right type of flooring for our home seems at times like an impossible task. To know whether you can use vinyl flooring in the living room is one of the first ideas that might come to your head. Will it give you the same final results as natural wood or ceramic flooring? Is it a good idea to install it on your living room floor?

In L’Antic Colonial, we know all the endless possibilities that vinyl flooring can offer to your home decoration. Its magnificent features and a wide variety of designs have transformed this flooring into one of the most popular options for redesigning almost any space.

Why is vinyl flooring a great idea?

Why can you use vinyl flooring in your living room?

What are the advantages that vinyl flooring offers to your living room decoration? Here we show you the special features that make it the best idea for you.

Find the perfect flooring for you

Vinyl flooring can adapt to almost any type of room decoration since it imitates wood or other textures like stone, concrete, or carpet. It is elegant and sophisticated, and it can show the appearance and aesthetics of natural materials to create the ideal atmosphere.

The most affordable alternative

You can use vinyl flooring in the living room as a more affordable alternative to wood or stone, but it also offers a great variety of designs and colours that will enhance the personality of your home. It does not matter the style you are looking for, here you have the opportunity to recreate organic and rustic places, classical atmospheres, or the latest minimalistic tendencies. You will find in your hands a wide range of opportunities that fit your personal budget.

Resistance and low maintenance

Living rooms are the refuge where we run to rest, where we disconnect from the tiredness of daily life, and also the meeting point where friends and family can spend quality time together. Here we look for peace and to truly feel at home.

Thanks to the resistance of vinyl flooring, your kids will be able to jump, run from side to side chasing after each other without fearing any damage. You will celebrate hundreds of family reunions without worrying about cleaning spilled drinks. Vinyl flooring is ideal for your living room because it adapts to your life and your loved ones.

Vinyl floor is resistant and easy to clean and maintain, the perfect combination of commodity and good taste.

Transform your home in few steps

As we have discovered in past articles,  vinyl flooring offers us a quick alternative to transform any space, in this case, the living room. When looking for ideas to renovate, it is easy to get discouraged by the great amount of effort, time, and money that this requires.

However, with vinyl flooring, we will be able to completely change the appearance of the living room just in a few steps. You will not need to start any construction to have the living room you always dreamed of. It is really easy to install, and you will need half of the time to do so.

Safe and soft for the smallest ones

Comfortableness is also important when thinking about which flooring we would like to install in our living room. Vinyl flooring is soft to the sole foot and also anti-slippery. Your kids can spend as much time as they want on the floor and playing their favourite games while you do not have to worry about them falling or getting hurt.

We might add that many vinyl floorings are anti-static, which means that you will not suffer the typical electric shocks that are so common during winter and dry months of the year.

What is the best type of vinyl floor for a living room?

As you can see, it is not a matter of whether you can use vinyl flooring in your living room, but it has to do a lot with how much time and effort you are expecting to spend. However, what types of vinyl flooring are the best for you?

Deciding which type of vinyl you need in your home will depend on your necessities and the style you want to create. Also, it is important to take into account how much time you spend on your living room and whether it is a concurred space in your house. Kids and pets are also determining factors because they condition how resistant must be the material and which type of installation is best for you.

In this article, we talk about the best types of vinyl flooring for your home and which one is better for each room. However, here we show you some of the best ideas for your home depending on what you might be interested in:

  • Wood Vinyl flooring for a natural and homey atmosphere: we recommend you the Authentic or the Kingdom collections which offer the warmth and naturalness of natural wood together with great reliability and resistance. Some available tones are browns and light greys. If you need something more rustic and organic, then the Branch , Oak, or Mountain collection is the perfect choice for you.
  • Nordic or minimalistic style as the main character: here we would look for something with a concrete effect like the collection Clincker, or the whole Eco
  • Warm and comfortable, but also impact resistant: your best option are these vinyl floorings that are made out of weaved material and which will remind you of the softness of the carpet. They are nice to the touch of the barefoot but also easy to clean. Our bests bets are Contract or Grain.


Where can you find good ideas for vinyl flooring for a living room?

In L’Antic Colonial we want to help you create the house you have always dreamed of. In our catalogs section you can find thousands of ideas to start your next project. We encourage you to take a look at them and then using our interactive catalogue to find the ideal vinyl flooring for you.

Let us inspire you.


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