What is beige marble? Uses and applications

31 October, 2023

Beige marble is a recommended option to give warmth to your home. A material suitable for bathrooms, kitchens or high traffic areas.

What is grey marble? Uses and applications

19 October, 2023

Grey marble can present a wide range of chromaticism, from pearly tones to graphite, almost black.

What is black marble? Uses and applications

27 September, 2023

Black marble has established itself as an exclusive and elegant stone, and kitchens and bathrooms made of this material leave no one indifferent.

What is white marble? Uses and applications

20 September, 2023

White marble floors and walls never go out of style. We will explain how to use this material and how to integrate it in kitchens and bathrooms.

What does AC4 mean in laminate flooring?

14 August, 2023

Looking for a resistant, durable and economical flooring? AC4 laminate flooring offers excellent value for money with a matte or glossy wood finish.

What is AC5 laminate flooring?

27 July, 2023

Learn more about AC5 laminate flooring: features, properties, uses, prices and our best options as manufacturers.

What is AC6 flooring?

17 July, 2023

Are you looking for a laminate floor with the best properties? AC6 is a high quality laminate flooring with the highest resistance in the market.

All about the FSC ® (FSC-C028812) certification: what is it and what is it for?

29 June, 2023

Certifications such as FSC ® (FSC-C028812) guarantee that our wooden floors come from sustainable forests and environmentally friendly processes.

What is the PEFC certificate ?

14 June, 2023

Discover the importance of certifying wood for sustainable construction ➔ Learn all about PEFC certification with L’Antic Colonial.

Marble vs granite: what is the difference?

31 May, 2023

Granite and marble are two natural stones that never go out of fashion. But which one offers better results for the home?

The different types of marble

17 May, 2023

Discover the different types of marble, its features and unique applications. We help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Ceramic tiles: what they are, types and options for your home

24 February, 2023

Learn all about ceramic tiles: how they differ and the best options for your home or business.

What is natural wood: what types exist

24 January, 2023

What exactly is natural wood? Learn about its applications, all the types of natural wood, and its many aesthetic and functional advantages.

What is travertine stone: uses and applications

30 November, 2022

Travertine stone is a building and decorative material used since Roman times. Find out about its uses and applications in the home.

What is WPC flooring?

14 July, 2022

WPC flooring is one of the best alternatives for homes and workplaces - discover all its advantages!

What is SPC flooring?

20 June, 2022

Learn all about SPC flooring, a type of flooring with the best aesthetic and functional performance for your home or business.

Water-resistant laminate floors: Are they really effective?

17 February, 2022

Water-resistant laminate flooring is a good alternative for spaces exposed to moisture or stains, but are they a good choice overall?

Alessandria, natural wood with a strong personality

7 November, 2018

Its marked knots and format mark this natural wood collection The essence of nature brings warmth to any space The Alessandria wood collection features a large number of knots, enabling nature to pave any space with a lively, rough and natural look. Its appearance is reminiscent of the bark of trees thanks to the perfect...

How we work with natural wood

27 June, 2018

Natural materials are the essence of L’Antic Colonial. Natural stone and wood, as the main standard-bearers, exhibit the properties and quality of the natural elements and of nature. The most impressive thing is the nobility of natural wood, as well as the way it is treated and worked by L’Antic Colonial.   We are aware that natural wood is a renewable and sustainable product which...

Discover the new trends in laminated flooring

22 March, 2018

The choice of flooring is one of the most important decisions you make when you are decorating a house or a commercial property, as well as being one of the most visible in interior design. Today we are going to talk about an alternative to natural wood flooring, laminates. The laminated flooring from L’Antic Colonial...

Natural wood collections at L’Antic Colonial

Natural wood is one of the most popular materials to use when decorating houses. This is due to its versatility, warmth, capacity for thermal insulation and, of course, its beauty in the rooms it dresses. This season it is still very much in vogue in the world of interior design for its unique and beautiful...

Improvement in high end bath maintenance kit

13 October, 2017

L’Antic Colonial is constantly on the lookout to continually improve all aspects of its products, services and quality. In this case we have found the opportunity to improve and help sustain the planet. An aspect which is very important to L’Antic Colonial, the part of the Porcelanosa Group which specialises in natural products, in its...

Airslate, secure stock to clad frontages

5 October, 2017

L’Antic Colonial continues to work with natural stone and in this case it is slate. But this time in a unique, exclusive and innovative format. This natural element is worked in thin sheets thereby providing peerless conditions when used to cover areas. For this reason, Airslate is the ideal choice when refurbishing places and covering...

The flexibility of Airslate’s natural stone wins over L’Antic Colonial

27 July, 2017

Nature’s elements can give us unique pieces. L’Antic Colonial pays homage to natural stone by creating a selection of flexible and adaptable products for any type of wall coverings with the Airslate collection. In Airslate, natural stone is the undisputed star. The Airslate collection is made up of a series of technical peculiarities which make...

Linkfloor Wall Contract: sophistication and elegance for the bedroom

24 July, 2017

Constant innovation keeps us going. Here at L’Antic Colonial we continually come up with new materials to satisfy the desire to carry on creating pure elements for interior design. With this in mind, we came up with the exclusive Linkfloor from L’Antic Colonial, a component with infinite applications in the decoration and design of interiors....

Linkfloor Wall: the vinyl fabric which exudes warmth and is perfect for walls

16 November, 2016

Linkfloor is one of the best choices for cladding walls due to its great strength and the ease with which it can be cleaned. This is why we suggest a new way of cladding: the Linkfloor Wall. It is vinyl fabric braided on a layer of polyester very similar to the Linkfloor Roll Contract, but much thinner...

Cut To Size: Made To Measure Natural Stone

30 June, 2016

Cut to size is synonymous with creative autonomy, passion for stone and the immense freedom to choose formats, finishes and textures. Marble and Limestone are fundamental to L’Antic Colonial, as proven by our continuing search throughout the world for new finishes, to be able to offer this timeless quality to interior decoration and architectural projects. These materials have the everlasting appeal of...

Combinations with ceramic products

24 May, 2016

Ceramics is one of the best covering materials due to its high resistance and ease of cleaning. In private spaces as well as wide public spaces, ceramic coverings offer a myriad of decorative possibilities. Aiming at inspiring different spaces for an interior designer audience, at L’Antic Colonial we offer several combinations with ceramic products, for you to find the setting...

Wood Wall Mosaics: from pure wood to interior designs

5 May, 2016

Natural wood is one of the favourite materials and trends when giving personality to any interior design. Its genuineness, warmth and purity come out from the depths of the forest, providing the natural wood wall tiles with an essential sense, capable of both impressing and becoming unique. Within its wide range of natural wood mosaics, the Wood Wall collection from L’Antic Colonial really...

Revival: Natural wood full of character

26 April, 2016

L’Antic Colonial has expanded the Revival line with three new European Oak models that complete its wide range of products. This expansion, made up of the Revival 1L Dun, Revival 1L Mahogany, and Revival 1L Ocher models, stands out for its characteristic knots and splits that endow the parquet with a character in which time has taken its toll, providing an attractive and appreciated...

Linkfloor Loose Lay Contract: the new project from L’Antic Colonial for commercial premises

15 April, 2016

The contract is one of the sectors that PORCELANOSA Grupo seeks to capture with its exclusive products and materials projects. In this part, L’Antic Colonial launches Loose Lay Contract, an elegant Linkfloor project with a braided textile surface. Its great resistance, as well as its easy and quick installation, makes Linkfloor the ideal material for highly demanding commercial premises and for quick refurbishments. Thanks...

The stone of 2016

10 December, 2015

Natural stone is one of L’Antic Colonial’s basic pillars. The firm’s continuous search for new materialsthroughout the world proves it. Different formats, original colors, or finishes capable of surprising, are the aspects L’Antic Colonial tries to offer the market year after year. We find the latest proof of this in the Habana Grey marble and the Ottawa limestone....

Authentic, natural wood floors with style

22 October, 2015

The Bologna fair was the setting where L’Antic Colonial introduced its new natural wooden floor line. Four new models (Authentic 1L Pure, Authentic 1L Chrome, Authentic 1L Bronze, and Authentic 1L Anthracite) that stand out for their large board 24 cm width. In addition, it is completely hand-finished, brushing the wood as if it were a work of cabinetry....

Advance Premium, the best choice for natural wood

7 July, 2015

L’Antic Colonial’s Advance Premium collection is a further step in the company’s commitment to deliver top quality products at competitive prices. The range, which began with Advance and Advance Unique parquet, has now been increased to include 4 new models in a larger format. The foremost innovation offered by Advance Premium 1L Albany, Advance Premium 1L Auckland, Advance...

Modern spaces with metal mosaics

10 June, 2015

  The materials used by L’Antic Colonial as the basis for its metal mosaics line are steel and aluminum. It is a completely different raw material, which combined with other elements such as natural wood, offers a modern atmosphere capable of creating contemporary spaces, adding a comfort and practicality bonus. There are many possibilities offered by L’Antic Colonial’s metal mosaics in terms...

Legacy, distinct wood floorings by L’Antic Colonial

6 May, 2015

Legacy is L’Antic Colonial’s new commitment in wood floorings. It is an original line that recaptures the interwoven wood style, mounted on a 100×100 cm and 2 cm thick square format. In order to obtain this design, a series of French oak slats of the best quality have been arranged in a first layer forming an interwoven composition. In...

Linkfloor Roll, the evolution of vinyl flooring

16 April, 2015

L’Antic Colonial’s Linkfloor vinyl flooring family has been recently expanded on the occasion of the 22nd Global Architecture International Show. These new models from the Contract series are characterized by their innovative 2 x 10 meter “roll” format. It is a system that makes the installation of Linkfloor even easier. This new line maintains the same technical...

Air Slate Selection, natural stone laminate

10 March, 2015

  At the 22nd International Exhibition of Global Architecture the Company, which specialises in natural materials, presented a collection of 8 slates with an extraordinary technical specification: a thickness between 0.2 and 0.4 cm, depending on natural surface variations. This transforms the concept of stone, as it can now be installed on curved areas or pieces of 240...

Genuine, laminates with character

19 January, 2015

L’Antic Colonial’s laminate floors are distinguished by the high quality of their raw materials and the decorative film that simulates natural wood. The new Genuine line is one more step in this direction, as it has a design where the high shade variations between boards stand out, just as those we can find in parquet floors. This innovative concept that seeks the...

Endless, L’Antic Colonial’s infinite laminates

11 December, 2014

With a striking design, Endless is presented as the firm’s latest proposal in laminate flooring. It is a new line made up of four new models: Broadway, Island, Queens, and Brooklyn, which denote continuity among them. Thus, the Endless laminates manage to strengthen to the fullest the depth of rooms, with an optical effect that makes...

L’Antic Colonial’s Wood Duna Mosaic

12 November, 2014

Wood Duna, the new mosaic made from natural wood, breaks with the traditional geometry of square tesserae, with a three-dimensional design. L’Antic Colonial proposes a play with volumes, hues, and shadings. This new proposal, inspired by the sand formations that can be found in deserts or beaches, lays out a dynamic finish made out of suggestive wave-shaped pieces...

Tortona, L’Antic Colonial’s new natural wood floors

23 October, 2014

The last Cersaie fair, which was held from September 22 to September 27 in Bologna, served as a stage for presenting the Tortona line, L’Antic Colonial’s latest novelty in natural wood floors. This series brings 10 new models together with a common denominator: they are great quality parquets at a very affordable price. In terms of their technical...

L’Antic Colonial’s two new laminate lines

26 March, 2014

Lama Vintage and Revelation are the two new laminate lines that L’Antic Colonial is launching on the market in 2014. 10 new models which, just like those already designed by the firm, include a high quality decorative film which seeks to simulate natural wood as much as possible, both visually and to the touch.With the Revelation line, L’Antic Colonial...

The Fabric mosaics expand L’Antic Colonial’s color palette

21 November, 2013

Among the various innovations introduced by L’Antic Colonial during the last Cersaie fair, 6 new models from the Fabric glass mosaic line are included. These are designs that are characterized for being made of glass and for combining gloss and matte tiles, the latter with an “acid-etched” finish. The new Fabric Nickel, Zinc, Lead, Copper, Silver, and Iron, made by the firm specializing in natural materials from Porcelanosa Group, contain a...

Linkfloor, when installation is not a problem

13 November, 2013

  On the occasion of the last Cersaie fair, L’Antic Colonial launched its latest novelty in technical floors. Linkfloor is a vinyl material that, depending on the model, simulates the look of wood or of carpet-type fabrics. In addition to its resistance (to abrasion, to chemical agents, to stains…) Linkfloor stands out for its quick and easy installation. Mounted on a...