How to choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom

How to choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom

13 April, 2023

Mirrors bring beauty and elegance to spaces. Learn how to choose the best one for your bathroom.

Mirrors are an essential piece to facilitate daily hygiene tasks such as washing our face, combing our hair, putting on make-up, shaving, putting on contact lenses, etc.

But mirrors have additional benefits: they can also provide light, give spaciousness and depth and can also be decorative elements.

Therefore, choosing a bathroom mirror goes beyond whether or not we like it on an aesthetic level: it must be practical and in accordance with the space and the wall on which it will be placed.

Types of bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors can be classified according to different aspects.

According to their shape

  • Round mirrors. Round mirrors bring dynamism and a casual look to the bathroom, and are best suited to all kinds of decorative trends.
  • Rectangular mirrors. Rectangular mirrors without frames are elegant and sober. They are also quite neutral, and “leave” the decorative responsibility to other elements, such as ceramics, fixtures or furniture.
  • Rectangular mirrors with rounded edges. These types of mirrors are very functional for small bathrooms, giving a touch of elegance and spaciousness.
  • Asymmetrical mirrors. Mirrors with sinuous and irregular lines can turn a normal bathroom into a much more modern or avant-garde one. Choosing a vertical or horizontal arrangement will depend on the space available.
How to choose bathroom mirror

According to their design

  • Bathroom dressing rooms. These are mirrors attached to a piece of furniture. They allow you to make better use of the space, since you will have an auxiliary cabinet and a mirror over the sink. 
  • Frameless mirrors. Frameless mirrors are usually very “clean” and highlight the attractiveness of their geometric shapes. 
  • Framed mirrors. Framed mirrors give more volume to the glass and protect it at the corners and sides. Frames can be wood, metal, stainless steel or resin.
  • Beveled and screen-printed mirrors. These mirrors feature an angled edge and offer a modern, clean and elegant aesthetic. Screen-printed mirrors, on the other hand, have a pattern or motif around the edge and/or in other areas.
  • Shelf mirror. The choice of a mirror with a shelf will depend on the shape of the sink: if you are standing and do not have a support surface, a shelf will be very useful to leave the hand soap or the glass with the toothbrushes.

Other types of mirrors

  • Lighted mirrors. Some mirrors have an integrated light, in the form of LED strips, on their sides or at the top rear. They allow to improve the general lighting of the bathroom creating more practical and functional spaces.
  • Magnifying mirrors. They have a “magnifying glass effect” that increases the reflection and facilitates those tasks that require greater detail, especially on the face. Magnifying mirrors can be table-top or wall-mounted.
  • Anti-fogging mirrors. This type of mirror has a small electrical resistance that emits heat on the moon and evaporates the condensed water, so that they never fog up.

How to choose the ideal mirror for your bathroom? Basic tips

As we explained earlier, choosing the right mirror goes beyond finding one we like and one that can of course, fit our budget. We recommend considering other factors into account: 

  1. The size of the bathroom

This is the most important aspect if you are going to make a renovation or want to change the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

  • If it is small or has narrow walls, you can opt for a vertical or square mirror that stylizes and provides a sense of spaciousness.
  • In medium-sized bathrooms, you can play with stylish geometric shapes, such as oval or hexagonal mirrors.
  • And in large bathrooms, you can place mirrors of any size or shapes: frameless and horizontal, and you can even put several types of mirrors together and create original compositions. 
  1. The style you are looking for 

The mirror frame will define the style of your bathroom, since it can make a very bold statement.

Wooden frames give a natural and cozy look; stainless steel frames have a modern and original touch; resin frames allow you to imitate all kinds of shapes; and beveled frames offer a very clean and elegant aesthetic. 

Think about the style you are looking for, and then pick a frame that resonates with it.

  1. Design and color of your bathroom

Depending on the style or decoration of your bathroom, you can choose a more or less daring mirror design. If it has a frame or an eye-catching border, we recommend matching it with the tile, paint or wallpaper. 

Additional tips to choose the right mirror

  • To choose the best mirror for your bathroom, the first step is to think about functionality
  • If you opt for a large mirror, your bathroom will also look bigger.
  • If you have a bathroom with two sinks, you can opt for an elongated mirror that runs the entire length of the countertop or cabinet, or place two separate mirrors, each on a sink.
  • Another important point is the lighting: Ideally, the area of the mirror you opt for should be a cold white light, about 5000 ºK or higher.
  • In addition, the mirror should always be at a maximum distance of 35 cm from the sink
  • To be able to see yourself well and fully, you can also take as a reference the top of the mirror, which should be about 2 meters from the floor
  • Finally, if you want the mirror to be “the star” of your bathroom, look for designer pieces, unconventional and with personality
How to choose bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirrors at L’Antic Colonial

L’Antic Colonial bathroom mirrors combine different types of natural materials with simple lines, and are perfect for creating unique spaces. 

The Faces in vertical and Horizontal series have backlit mirrors for modern bathrooms, while the Vintage series will allow you to reproduce more retro or “pop” environments.

For classic and minimalist bathrooms, you can take a look at the Tower Mirror Intense and Tower Mirror Warm mirrors

With their wooden frames, they are a good alternative for nature-inspired bathrooms

Which option is your favorite?


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