A guide to applying the comfy house concept at home

A guide to applying the comfy house concept at home

15 March, 2022

People are preferring inviting and cozy homes rather than modern spaces: meet the comfy house trend.

A home is much more than the space where we sleep and store our belongings: it is a small universe of well-being where we relax and feel at ease, a unique place where we can take shelter from everyday life and its ups and downs. That’s why creating comfortable spaces is essential. 

But a home should also respond to your lifestyle and be a vehicle of expression, adapting to the needs of your family and your personality. And this is where the “comfy house” concept comes into play.

In this article, we at L’Antic Colonial would like to tell you all about this concept. 

What is the Comfy House concept?

The Comfy House concept takes comfort at home to its maximum expression. 

Basically, this implies transforming the house into a functional and furnished space with essential pieces, while avoiding useless or bulky decorations, in order to achieve comfortable and organized spaces.

To make our home really comfortable, we will have to pay special attention to the distribution and organization of the common areas, which is where most of the intimate and/or family gatherings take place. 

Thus, in the living room and in the kitchen it is crucial to create a cozy atmosphere. This can be achieved with furniture, but also with fabrics, lighting and decorative elements such as rugs, vases, paintings, etc. 

Style Comfy House

Due to our lifestyle, comfort at home is at the same time closely related to functionality. That is, with the design and creation of open spaces in which we can cultivate personal interests, work, exercise or enjoy time with our family in equal parts. 

Integrating a natural style is part of the comfy house concept. We can do this by adding plants, small gardens or plant walls in the house, but also by seeking a balance between the human and the technological

To do this, it is essential to use natural materials for floors and walls. These materials are wood or natural stone, which provide visually attractive results and durability with a lower environmental impact. 

Guide to create a comfy house

Choose a style that you feel identified with. 

Having a personal touch in every detail of your home is a luxury and will help you feel more comfortable at home. 

Therefore, one of the keys to a more comfortable home is to opt for a decoration that fits your personality. Once you choose a style (minimalist, vintage, nordic, oriental or rustic) it will be easier to choose the materials, ornaments, colors and textures to create the perfect environment for you.

Opt for functionality

When selecting the type of decoration and furniture for your home you should always think in practical terms

If you like to read, look for a comfortable sofa or a reading chair, with direct lighting and warm colors that help you immerse yourself in your books; if, on the contrary, you want to exercise at home, choose lighter tones for walls and flooring, decorate the space with plants and comfortable rugs, and distribute the space leaving free areas. 

Organization constitutes 50% of a comfy house

It is not only a matter of choosing the right furniture, but also of placing it correctly. 

The general recommendation is to organize the furniture so that you can easily move around the room. A good idea is to group the different pieces (sofa, armchairs, coffee tables, etc.) together to make conversation easier.

When arranging the furniture in your home you should also check what proportion of furniture fits its dimensions and avoid combining pieces that are too large or too small to achieve a greater sense of balance.

Comfy House

Mix styles and patterns

One tip for creating comfortable spaces at home is to fuse different textures, styles and patterns throughout the rooms

Keep in mind that if you use a single fabric in every room, it can give a feeling of lack of personality. On the contrary, the comfy house promotes mixing, adding modern details to the classic style and generating a sense of movement. 

In any case, it is always advisable to use the different decorative elements with moderation, so as not to saturate the space.

Furniture, the key piece for a more comfortable home.

And not only in the figurative sense: also in the literal sense. 

The living room or dining room is the center of any home, the space where we spend more time watching TV shows or chatting with friends and family. 

The sofa is usually the focal point of these gatherings and is a key piece for a comfortable home. To choose the best sofa you have to take these aspects into account

  • Color.
  • Size.
  • Number of people living in the house.
  • Time you usually spend on the sofa. 

Modular furniture is also an option to increase comfort and convenience in a home. Modular tables, simple and neutral, can become an alternative to take advantage, in a practical way, of a corner that needs a touch to come to life. The same goes for other auxiliary furniture such as trunks, chests of drawers or bureaus, which combine practicality with aesthetics.  

And, of course, comfort at home is closely linked to chairs, which are essential and especially important in open spaces such as kitchens. In this case, chairs, armchairs or stools are synonymous for relaxation but also for the distribution of space and style. A piece of advice?  Take a risk and don’t be afraid to combine textures, materials and upholstery. 


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