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How to transform a swimming pool into a unique area

21 July, 2015 | Uncategorized
How to transform a swimming pool into a unique area

This summer’s heatwave means we will enjoy a cooling dip even more this summer. Here at L’Antic Colonial we would like to share a few ideas for renovating or constructing a swimming pool. This way, apart from being refreshing, we can create a stylish surrounding area.

The first thing to decide is whether we want an in-ground or above ground swimming pool.
In this post we will concentrate on the former, since installation is more complicated and offers many more features and options.
After choosing the area where it will be installed, the type of pool surface should be selected. This may be polyester, masonry or panelled construction, amongst other materials. For the surface there is a choice of different products to cover the pool “basin”. The best option is to choose glass mosaic tiles due to their weight, technical properties (water absorption, durability ..) and easy installation. L’Antic Colonial offers a wide range of this type of mosaic tile enabling the pool to be personalised in a single colour or with several colours to create borders, graduated effects or even pictures or logos. Worthy of special mention are the personalised mosaic tiles which can create any design on the pool surface, for a totally unique area.

Although less common, natural stone may also be used for cladding and flooring, provided that its technical properties and finish allows this. As an example, the AIRE spa and wellness centre, Ancient Baths of New York, completed by Alonso Balaguer and Arquitectos Asociados in Blanco Almería marble special Classico finish. Certainly this option is more commonly used for inside pools and spas.

Integrating the swimming pool in the surroundings

The pool should be envisaged as part of the wider setting. One feature, surrounded by a garden/terrace, forming part of and completing the overall project   In this respect, the swimming pool can be surrounded by various materials to enhance the landscaping/garden.
Natural wood always offers a distinctive touch, unobtainable with other materials. A 100% natural, living feature which improves over time. Certainly it requires more specific care than other materials but it provides a really unique feel. L’Antic Colonial offers Ipe Iguazú exterior wooden flooring in dark brown wood with greenish or tobacco tones, very durable, tough and dense.

A similar effect can be achieved with Styledeck Plus exterior wooden decking. This flooring in recycled PEFC wood and HDPE provides easy maintenance and cleaning.
Another option for swimming pool exteriors is natural stone. As with the interior, a suitable material and finish must be selected, which complies with non-slip regulations (DIN S1 131). Marble such as Capadocia Sand Home BIOprot, limestone such as Mini Brick Burkhara Anticato or slate such as Fidji Natural Home BIOprot are perfect for these areas.

Finally, other materials such as natural stone mosaic tiles can be used to complete the project. Providing a good finish and regular surface, these can be used for flooring, to give a different ambience to the poolside area. One example is at Casa Sardinera, designed by Ramón Esteve Estudio, where Paradise Lake Stone Blanco mosaic tiles have been used.

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