Getting to know Fran Silvestre - L'Antic colonial

Getting to know Fran Silvestre

3 December, 2013 | Uncategorized
Getting to know Fran Silvestre

Though just two months away from the inauguration of Porcelanosa’s XXI International Show, L’Antic Colonial is already working at full capacity on the remodeling of its showroom.

One of the main changes that the exhibition will have will be 6 “Signature Spaces“, which will be open to the public throughout 2014 in our showroom, and which will be designed by Eduardo Souto de Moura, Erik Kuster, Fran Silvestre, Nuno Brandão, Ramón Esteve, and SB Architects.
In our blog we want to introduce you to each of these great professionals and one small sample of their work, starting today with Fran Silvestre.

Fran Silvestre is a young Valencian architect, specialized in construction by the ETSA in Valencia, and in town planning by the TU/e (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven) of the Netherlands, who currently holds the position of Deputy Director at the School of Architecture in Valencia, teaching as Professor of the Projects Department.

Three basic concepts stand out in his works: modulation, seriation, and the use of light. By combining all of them, he obtains buildings of great purity and unique design where both technological and material innovations are constant.
Despite his youth, his works are already known throughout the world. Projects such as the Atrium House, the House on a castle slope, the Wind Tower, or the Cliff House, are already icons of modern architecture. As a result of these and many other works, he has received awards such as the MHK Award (Berlin), the Red Dot Design Award 2013, and has been finalist in the Archdaily Building of the year 2012.

He has collaborated with L’Antic Colonial on several occasions, being one of the professionals who participated in the first edition of the “Signature Spaces” (2012) or designing the firm’s space for the 2013 Cersaie fair. In addition, L’Antic Colonial’s natural materials and those from Porcelanosa Group’s other companies are common in his projects, as for example the Athenas Sand Home Bioprot White marbles and the white polished Thassos Bioprot at the Cliff House.

On this occasion, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos and L’Antic Colonial have joined concepts and efforts again to create one of the “Signature Spaces” at the firm’s Showroom. In particular it will be a conceptual and avant-garde space where natural stone will be the main focus. It will be what shapes the area into different strata, fusing with the structure of the space itself. It is a daring design with which L’Antic Colonial will display its most up-to-date face.

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