Getting to know Ramón Esteve - L'Antic colonial

Getting to know Ramón Esteve

10 December, 2013 | Uncategorized
Getting to know Ramón Esteve

If there is one word that defines the work of Ramón Esteve, it is versatility. Although he finished his formal training as an architect at the Madrid School of Architecture in 1990, his work includes both building and space design and product or interior design. His regular collaborations with large habitat sector companies such as Gandía Blasco, Vibia, Vondom, Inclass, and Joquer are an indication of his involvement in space design, which has even led him to create the furniture.
Since 2005 he combines his work at the firm with his work as a teacher of the Department of Architectural Design at the Valencia School of Architecture. He also gives architecture and design workshops and lectures.
All his works are a constant quest for harmony, serenity, and atemporality. When the firm undertakes a new project they try to contextualize it a much as possible, by creating all the accessories needed in order to create a complete masterpiece. Projects are born from an idea, a seed idea that guides the entire process from its conception origin until its final built outcome. His most prominent works stand out for being essentialist dwellings where stone and wood are combined. They are spaces where geometric pieces and the use of light play an essential role, merging indoor and outdoor areas. This idea, which is characteristic to architecture and design, has led him to success, having obtained awards as important as the COACV Architecture Award, the 2013 Architecture Plus Award, or the ADCV 2009 Gold Award.

The space
The space he has designed for L’Antic Colonial’s showroom is a visual play with lights and volumes. With an architectural style which is clearly marked by pure and straight lines, the design defines a nearly symmetrical bathroom that is broken with unique elements such as the bathtub and the washbasin. Few materials have been combined to carry it out, but they are all striking and visually powerful. Amongst them we can highlight two walls that define the space, carried out with a wooden mosaic and backlit stone. This play with lines, volumes, and depths, has its continuity in the accessories that go with the bathroom. They are decisively prismatic elements such as the cabinet made in natural stone that hangs over the entrance, giving the feeling that it is a light element.

It is a whole bathroom concept that visitors will be able to see starting on February 3 at L’Antic Colonial’s showroom.

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