Countdown for the 2015 Signature Spaces - L'Antic colonial

Countdown for the 2015 Signature Spaces

17 December, 2014 | Uncategorized
Countdown for the 2015 Signature Spaces

With PORCELANOSA Group’s 22nd International Global Architecture Exhibition in the horizon, L’Antic Colonial has already begun remodeling the over 1,000 m2 of its exhibition. Among the various innovations that the firm is preparing, 6 new Signature Spaces stand out that, this year, will be carried out by Francesc Rifé Studio, Piet Boon®, Cardete&Huet Architectes, Jestico + Whiles, Sanahuja & partners, and Helmut Jahn.

Francesc Rifé Studio
Interior and industrial designer, Francesc Rifé founded his own firm in Barcelona in 1994, and currently leads a team of professionals trained in the different design areas. His design philosophy is based in spatial order and geometric proportion, and his projects stand out by their sobriety and formal balance. He has designed a bathroom that adopts “water as a life source,” for L’Antic Colonial. It is a space that “allows the user to act naturally, in a fluent dialog with the different bathroom areas. There is no visual noise, no barriers, everything flows.”

Piet Boon®
This Dutch designer has characterized himself, in over 25 years of experience, for his elegance and special attention to comfort and detail. He is involved in each and every one of the aspects surrounding his projects, and his work shows the perfect compromise between creativity and long-term sustainability. His space uses as inspiration the traditional bathroom elements together with natural materials. It is an unobstructed area with which each new use is transformed into a sensory experience based on relaxation and tranquility.

Cardete&Huet Architectes
With over 30 years of experience in the management of architectural projects, the firm led by Francis Cardete and Gérard Huet is considered among the top 10 in France. Their works include projects as diverse as soccer stadiums, public spaces, or aeronautical facilities. “The Suite” is the space they have designed for L’Antic Colonial’s showroom. It is an entire hotel room that perfectly combines natural wood and stone, where functionality and comfort are the main premises.

Jestico + Whiles
Founded by Tom Jestico and John Whiles, Jestico + Whiles is one of the reference architecture firms in England. Known mostly for their boutique hotels (The Hempel or One Aldwych), their works cover many other disciplines such as universities, schools, and social housing. All of them have a common denominator: urban regeneration and sustainable thinking. Taking the image of a dragonfly as the central axis, the firm has created a bathroom made up by a washbasin and a dresser. Two centerpieces that modulate the entire space and play with the different textures that L’Antic Colonial’s stone offers.

This multidisciplinary team, founded by Jaime Sanahuja in Castellón, bases its projects on quality, innovation, and creativity criteria. Designs that have as their main premises space functionality, spatial fluidity, and maximum use of natural light, as first guiding principle of sustainability. The main area of a living/dining room is their design for L’Antic Colonial’s Signature Spaces. The cantilevered elements (table and seats) stand out, as they give the feeling of being floating, thus making the visual weight of the design lighter. For its part, the main wall has been designed as a collage of materials, formats, and colors (all of them, L’Antic Colonial natural stones), which are joined together in the style of an avant-garde picture.

Helmut Jahn
American architect of German origin, Janh is one of the most outstanding international professionals. His works, always marked by a great symbolism, range from the inception of modernism to the current creative naturalism that allows greater freedom in design. “Space Craft” conceives an entire house with flexibility as guiding principle. Depending on the needs, the space can be transformed into a kitchen, bedroom, or living room, besides the already delimited bathroom. This way, a comfortable setting is achieved for users, through the furniture design and maximizing the use of the air space.

We must remember that “Signature Spaces” is an initiative through which L’Antic Colonial offers a space in its showroom to a guest firm so that they can express their “philosophy” using the brand’s natural materials. In previous editions, professionals as important as Clodagh, Manuel Torres, SB Architects, Héctor Ruiz Velázquez, Studio A-cero, Ramón Esteve, CuldeSac, or Eduardo Souto de Moura, have participated. All the spaces from the three previous editions can be visited in our Signature Spaces web section.

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