How to decorate a bedroom with wallpaper

How to decorate a bedroom with wallpaper

24 January, 2024

Do you want to decorate your bedroom with wallpaper? At L'Antic Colonial we explain how to do it, where to place it and which designs to choose.

Decorating a bedroom with wallpaper is an excellent idea if you want to get the most out of it and achieve modern and personal results without doing construction work or investing a large amount of money.

However, you may have a few questions about this:  

  • Is it necessary to «cover» all the walls equally? 
  • What are the best designs for a room that we are going to dedicate to rest and relaxation?
  • What color should we paint the walls that are not covered with the wallpaper?    
  • How can we combine the wallpaper with other decorative elements of the room, such as floors, walls, or furniture? 

Ways of decorating your bedroom with wallpaper: a few general tips 

A wallpaper has a huge decorative potential, and its wide variety of designs gives it enough flexibility to create modern, warm, fresh, avant-garde spaces.

The key to decorate a bedroom with a wallpaper is to combine it perfectly with the color of other elements, such as walls or floors.

Choosing the design will depend on your preferences, although, in the case of the master bedroom, we recommend you to create an environment that inspires intimacy, coziness and, above all, warmth.

Typically, the color scheme of the walls in this part of the house is often quite plain and soft, so a wallpaper can be the perfect excuse to step out of the «routine» and add a touch of color by highlighting elements, such as the headboard, for example.

So, by covering a single wall, you can give the bedroom a lot of personality

In fact, one of the keys to decorate a bedroom with a wallpaper is to create focal points and unique optical illusions. 

If you prefer, and depending on the orientation or layout of the room, you can also cover only one of the side walls, and leave the rest completely plain.

In any case, the secret is to find the right balance between the wallpaper and the rest of the walls and decorative elements, including flooring, textiles, furniture, etc.

How to put up wallpaper

Practical examples to match the color of the walls with the wallpaper in your bedroom

If you choose to cover one or more walls of your double bedroom with a wallpaper in a bold color or pattern, it is best to go for neutral tones on the rest of the elements.

For example, you can use a wallpaper in earth tones with a soft pattern and combine it with an off-white on the rest of the walls, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

You can also do it the other way around: choose a very simple and light-toned wallpaper (for example, with a beige background and small floral patterns in warm tones), cover three walls and paint the rest in a more intense tone (fuchsia, red, orange … Depending on the wallpaper). 

Also, keep in mind that the balance between the paint and the wallpaper in a double bedroom will not only affect the colors.

For example, a wallpaper with a striped geometric pattern can be combined with a wall painted with soft, silky finishes, creating an attractive contrast of textures.

6 types of modern wallpapers for double bedrooms 

Simulating wood  

One of the advantages of a wallpaper as a decorative element is that it can perfectly simulate natural materials, such as marble or wood

If you opt for the second option, you will get an elegant and timeless finish, which will bring up the warmth of your bedroom just through its presence.

«Arabesque» designs

Wallpapers with arabesque patterns have a classic and sophisticated nuance, and are one of the best options for decorating double bedrooms, walk-in closets or suites.

In addition, you can place it on all the walls without overloading the room, which is an advantage. 

Some options you can turn to are found in the PATTERN collection in products such as SKINS PATTERN BUCKINGHAM AEGEAN, SKINS PATTERN BUCKINGHAM COAL, and others.

Marble effect

Just like wood finishes, marble-effect wallpapers never go out of style

In this case, and to avoid the result from being too “cold”, you can place a wallpaper with marble finishes on three walls and apply a warm tone of paint on the other wall.

You can also choose to cover all four walls with the wallpaper, and add decorative objects with finishes or details in gold.

The result will be an elegant, timeless and chic bedroom. 

Face brick 

If you want to give your bedroom a loft or an industrial style, place a wallpaper with this effect on one of the walls or on the headboard of the bed.

Some wallpaper designs are able to replicate this material very faithfully, and you’ll bring a modern, contemporary look to your bedroom with little effort.

Tropical and botanical themes 

Tropical designs bring freshness, and are one of the latest trends in wallpaper for bedrooms. 

In this case, interior designers recommend “running away” from excessively colorful prints and opting for more subtle options.

You can also choose to cover one wall, paint the rest of the room with neutral tones and put white furniture to give light and increase the feeling of spaciousness.

Botanical prints can add a natural and cozy feel, especially if you add wood or natural materials to the headboard, bedside tables, curtains or lamps.

The NATURE collection offers endless possibilities.

Geometric wallpaper

Geometric patterns never go out of fashion, and are an option with many possibilities, whether in teenagers’ rooms or if you are planning to use wallpaper in a double bedroom.

The Mondrian or Dreamland collections from PATTERN, as well as the Spike or Moon collections from EMPYREAL are some of the options you can choose from. 

These types of prints provide movement and can have a classic and timeless look, as well as a modern feel.

A tip: remember that vertical designs will give height to the room, and that horizontal ones will generate amplitude across the width.
Wallpapers offer you many possibilities when it is time to decorate a double bedroom. Check out the L’Antic Colonial catalog and choose the design that best suits your style.


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