How to decorate your home walls with wallpaper

How to decorate your home walls with wallpaper

30 October, 2021

Wallpaper has become a great vehicle to express the most eclectic and personal decorative tastes. Find out how and where to place it.

Wallpaper is one of the main decoration trends for autumn-winter 2021-2022 and, according to some interior designers, it is not a passing fad: in recent times, design has once again “veered” from discretion to maximalism, and wallpaper home decor has become the best vehicle for expressing the most personal tastes.

Wallpaper decor can be a fun and creative way to change the style, decoration or color of the walls without having to invest a large amount of money. 

In addition, it is made with increasingly resistant materials and more innovative designs, and includes a huge variety of styles. 

Therefore, nowadays it is practically impossible not to find a wallpaper that fits our preferences or the decoration of our home.

Wallpaper decor: a versatile solution with many possibilities 

One of the questions we are most concerned about when it comes to wallpaper decor is whether we can cover any wall with it. 

Nowadays we can use wallpaper all over the house, even in the kitchen or bathroom, where there are high levels of humidity, fumes and grease. 

Moreover, wallpaper can be placed, if we wish, on tiled walls

In any case, it is advisable to avoid using this material over sinks and cooking areas, as the increased moisture condensation could damage the paper. 

Wallpaper decor

Some of the advantages of using wallpaper for home wall decoration

  • It is easy to install, clean and maintain. 
  • Wallpaper decoration can cover imperfections, cracks and stains on the wall.
  • We can get original and unique results. 
  • It allows us to change the decoration with no need to go through renovations and invest a lot of money. 
  • If we choose the right wallpaper design for our home, we can get a visual effect of greater amplitude and luminosity in the room. 
  • It is possible to create different atmospheres in the same space. 
  • In addition to decorating the walls, with wallpaper we can customize furniture such as cabinets or shelves.

Latest trends in wallpaper decor

Choosing a wallpaper that matches the rest of your home decoration is key to get good results. To do this, we have to take into account some basic factors. 

For example, the room dimensions are key when choosing the wallpaper design. The premise is this: the smaller the room, the smaller the wallpaper pattern should be; in the same way, in spacious rooms, the wallpaper stands out more if it has large patterns. 

In addition, in rooms with little natural light, it is advisable to use a wallpaper design with a light background, so we get more light. These background colors are white, yellow, sky blue, light grey, etc.

Likewise, we cannot forget that wallpaper is a decorative element in itself. So, take your time with your choice: before putting it up, check how it looks in daylight, at midday and at night, and also with artificial lighting (bulbs, lamps, etc.) in the room. In this way, you will see if you like the result in any environment. 

Finally, in some rooms, such as the bedroom, it can be interesting to combine wallpaper and paint. In this way, you will be able to highlight elements of interest lining only some walls (for example, where the headboard of the bed is).  

Regarding the latest trends in wallpaper decor from an “aesthetic” point of view, these notes may be useful: 


Stripes are one of those must-haves interior design and decoration trends that arrive from time to time. In the case of wallpaper designs, stripes, both vertical and horizontal, are a “classic”. Thin, thick and in all colors, the most important thing if you opt for a striped wallpaper is that its design matches the rest of the decor of your home. 

Our recommendation? Use it in environments with classic styles. At L’Antic Colonial you have the Windsor and Artenisa series available, and you can even go for the Dreamland series.

Floral and plant motifs

Floral designs are one of the greatest classics in wallpaper designs. These are timeless designs that never go out of style and fit in with a romantic or shabby chic decor inspired by the great country houses of Great Britain.

Currently, it is also trendy to decorate walls with tropical style wallpaper, something more daring. If you want to bring joy and originality to any corner of your home, we suggest you take a look at our Augusta, Calatea, or Ficus wallpaper series, for example. 

Wallpaper decor

Geometric patterns

One of the most celebrated wallpaper decor trends is the one that displays geometric patterns in different colors and sizes. From small details on a plain background to large Nordic-inspired prints. L’Antic Colonial’s Mondrian series, inspired by this famous Dutch avant-garde artist, is the best example of this. 

Art Deco 

In recent years, wallpaper has integrated designs inspired by Art Deco. This type of wallpaper is ideal for covering the walls of more sophisticated rooms with a personal style, as you can see with our Tarian and Buckingham collections. 

Which of these wallpaper home decor ideas would you choose for your walls?


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