Decorating kitchen wall

Decorating kitchen wall

29 March, 2024

Not sure how to decorate your kitchen walls? Here are some ideas to find finishes that match your taste and style.

Looking for ideas to decorate your kitchen wall in an original and functional way, avoiding clichés?

Renovating the kitchen is one of the most convenient options if you are looking to give your home a «new look», improve its comfort and efficiency or increase its value.

At the time of making this type of renovations, you must take into account: 

  • The available space.
  • The length, width, and height of the walls.
  • The distribution of doors and windows.
  • The location of installations, drains and light points.

Then you will have to choose a distribution that is ergonomic and functional, optimize storage space and choose the best cladding for walls and floors. 

What is the best option to cover and decorate kitchen walls?

Covering the walls is one of the most important decisions you have to make when decorating your kitchen.

It is not only a question of aesthetics: your choice will condition the budget of the renovation and will affect issues related to its cleaning.  

Since the options and combinations are multiple (you can fill them with plants, paint them in a bold color, put tiles, combine tiles and paint, go for a striking wallpaper, place racks and shelves to keep order, etc.), we will start with the materials you can pick. 

Kitchen wall decor

How to decorate a kitchen wall: tiles, porcelain, natural stone and wallpaper 

Tiles and porcelain  

Covering the kitchen walls with tiles or ceramics is a useful alternative that never goes out of fashion and allows you to achieve finishes that suit your preferences.

These types of tiles are still the first choice for kitchen wall decor for many reasons.

The main ones are its quality and characteristics such as its impermeability, its resistance to moisture, its easy cleaning and its durability.

In addition, nowadays, you will find tiles with almost any design and color, even imitating other materials such as marble, wood or cement.  


Wallpaper for the kitchen walls? Of course!

This option, which a few years ago might have seemed impossible, now appears to have many decorators, interior designers and trend hunters «dazzled».

Wallpaper may last less than tiles, and you need to look for a moisture-resistant product, but the results can be spectacular

And if you’re worried about splashes and dirt, don’t worry: put a wallpaper only on one of the walls of the kitchen, helping to limit it.

Natural stone

Marble and granite are excellent alternatives for covering and decorating kitchen walls, guaranteeing unique and elegant finishes. 

If you choose them for the countertop, you can move them up the backsplash area, giving the space unity of style. 

Marble or granite walls are the best choice if you want a timeless kitchen, as these materials, both in white and dark tones, never go out of fashion. 

Regarding the «cons» of this decision, there are two: price and maintenance (be careful with cleaning products and do not use abrasive chemicals).

→ You may be interested in: Granite or marble: differences, advantages and disadvantages.


Along with tiles, painting is one of the most common options for kitchen walls decor.

Its main advantage is that you can paint the walls any color you want and change it economically whenever you wish. 

Even so, not all paints are suitable for kitchen walls, and you will have to look for those that are plastic and washable, since they are recommended for humid environments.

One of the latest trends to decorate kitchen walls economically is to paint the tiles to renew them and «change their color».

To do this you will need an epoxy paint in matte, satin, or gloss.

Kitchen wall decor

4 original ideas to decorate your kitchen with style 

Here we are going to give you some ideas to decorate your kitchen walls.  

Earth-colored tiles and white cabinets  

This trend has been forgotten for a few years, but it has been catching on recently.

Basically, it is about covering the kitchen backsplash wall with tiles to protect the area from drops and stains, and provide a differentiating touch of color. 

On top, you can put a glass cabinet to complete the set. 

Earth tones for the wall and white for the cabinet are a contemporary combination that allows you to give a touch of warmth to the space. 

Tiles and shelves

Shelves are ideal for decorating kitchen walls because of their simplicity and the possibility of placing plants, books or cooking accessories on them. 

One suggestion is to cover the entire kitchen wall with geometric tiles, like a honeycomb or mosaic, and add a wooden shelf in a light tone. 

Painting and subway style tiles

This idea combines a white subway tile backsplash and the rest of the wall with paint in a bright and intense tone, for example, electric blue, orange or red. 

Although somewhat bold and shocking, the idea is a guaranteed success. 

A «stone» wall

Painting the walls in a light color and placing a backsplash in another material is one of the best options if you want a modern and trendy style kitchen.

Marble, slate or granite are good solutions.  

If you have a limited budget, you can cover a wall with a material that imitates natural stone, such as tiles, a mosaic that resembles facing bricks or wallpaper.
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