If there is one word that defines the work of Ramon Esteve, it is versatility. What in principle is only a thought or an idea, with effort and perseverance it evolves to become a reality, a space or an object.

His development process, carried out by a fully involved multidisciplinary team, resorts to eternal materials and uses light as constructive matter.
Here architecture and design are aligned as complementary disciplines that mutually enrich each other and are, in some way, inseparable.


Ramón Esteve

By cutting a rock, its pattern shows us a piece of history. The pattern of the stone bears witness to the passage of time and the way it was generated. Heat, pressure, time and even chance act on the stone generating patterns and textures that give character to marble. And this is undoubtedly its great value. Each piece thus becomes a unique and unrepeatable object

A small sculpture. Sculpted from a single block of natural marble, the Faces stand-up washbasin acquires an almost sculptural character thanks to the faceted geometry that accentuates the plastic qualities of the stone

The Faces collection is made up of several elements: a stand-up washbasin made from a single block of natural stone, a washbasin with no countertop and a prismatic countertop that has a carved out basin generating a vacuum. The collection is complemented by backlit mirrors with faceted corners. All the pieces are presented in four stone finishes: Persian White, Crema Italia, Grey Stone and Havana Dark.

The Minim collection is characterized by its formal purity and simple lines. Starting from a storage module that can integrate a sink or a countertop, one can create different configurations adaptable to any space according to the needs

The term minimalist, in its most general scope, refers to anything that has been reduced to the essential, stripped of excess elements. It is the tendency to reduce to the essential". Pure colors, simple geometric shapes and minimal formal interventions are the main features of this collection.