Like Yonoh, an ambigram that spells out their duality, Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma observe from different places, move differently, but point in the same direction. Thus they are twice as accurate in achieving their goals.

They both join their creative concerns to create models that stand out for their freshness and uniqueness; functional pieces that combine innovation and originality.

Yonoh works in projects that differ for their simplicity and functionality, designs that breathe singularity.


Yonoh Creative Studio

Vintage is inspired by antique porcelain basins suspended over a wooden structure." With this starting point, the studio developed a work of adaptation and synthesis to obtain a design of light appearance that deepens in the details.

The bevels and joints were worked on in detail. A lid covers the whole basin to hide the drainage and the seamless marble shelves generate useful surfaces

The goal was to create a different piece in the L'Antic Colonial portfolio, a lightweight piece that exploits all the virtues of marble. The collection is launched with a single and double basin structure

The timelessness of ancient Greece comes to L'Antic Colonial reconverted into the Column bathroom collection. A meticulous work with natural stone turns the pieces of this collection into authentic works of art.

The washbasin consists of 3 different pieces that can be combined to form different configurations: base washbasin, suspended washbasin or pedestal washbasin. The 3 pieces are joined by metal rings that also serve to place mirrors or to support the suspended washbasin. The collection also has accessories and mirrors that complete it.

The concept is born by creating a double skin on the marble, a superficial layer, perfectly polished, and a second layer, carved in this skin, in which we can see the real nature of the stone, with a more Brutalist aspect.