#THE NOTE BOOK OF Francesc Rifé - L'Antic colonial

#THE NOTE BOOK OF Francesc Rifé

9 January, 2014 | Uncategorized
#THE NOTE BOOK OF Francesc Rifé

Francesc Rifé Bel – Francesc Rifé Studio – Barcelona

Real Madrid Residence (Madrid), La Caixa flagship office (Barcelona), Caro Hotel (Valencia), Carhartt stores (Ibiza, Barcelona, and Madrid)…

1 – Who is Francesc Rifé?

A person with a tireless zeal for knowing, studying, and then being able to design things her own way.

2 – When did you discover that you wanted to work in design? 

Indirectly; my profession came from family tradition. My family has always worked in carpentry and the sale of furniture.

3 – A reference in design…

In our country, Fernando Salas, Pepe Cortes, Dani Freixes, Eduard Samsó, Alfredo Arribas, Josep Lluís Sert, and Ignasi Cuadern. At an international level, Kengo Kuma, Piero Lissoni, John Pawson, Claudio Silvestrin, Giuseppe Fronzoni, Vincent Van Duysen, Álvaro Siza.

4 – If you had not been a designer, you would have been… 

I wouldn’t know what to answer.

5 – One defect and one virtue.

Impatience and perseverance.

6 – What is your house like?


7 – Sunday is a day for…

Before, it used to be for organizing the following week; at present, for disconnecting… sometimes I manage to do it.

8 – A place to look for inspiration.

Cadaqués. Although actually inspiration can arise in any place and moment. It is a sum of elements such as the people around you or your own mood.

9 – What is the last book that you have read?

Atmospheres, by Peter Zumthor.

10 – 15 Years from now…

I don’t know if I’ll be around.

11 – When you think of design you think of…


12 – Pencil or computer?

Pencil, but I also love markers… black, if possible.

13 – How would you describe your work? 

I think that there is a dose of inspiration mixed with a bit of talent, and a lot of work and willpower.

14 – One project you would like to do.

All of them if I see the customer thrilled.

15 – Your opinion of Spanish design.

I would avoid borders, although it is true that there are certain cultural traits that define us. Good design is being made here and there. We are currently at a standby moment. If there is no work, there is less creativity. Fewer projects are generated and there seems to be a widespread fear in the industry. Nowadays the designer’s brand prevails.

16 – How do you keep your own style while meeting your customers’ needs?

The firm is characterized by a neutral, timeless design based on particular order and geometric proportion. The client’s personality must connect with the space and this is why it is important for us to have a good understanding.

17 – In your work, what are you better at and what do you have more trouble with?

Reading the space. And it’s hard for me to get involved if the client is not.

18 – Your recipe for success.

Passion and perseverance.

19 – What is the role of natural products in your projects?

A very important one. I am very comfortable with wood mainly, but also with other natural materials such as stone.

20 – Your flagship L’Antic Colonial product is… 

All the natural ones that do not imitate anything…



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