Floor trends for 2022

Floor trends for 2022

17 December, 2021

Are you thinking of renovating your house this year? Do you want to change the flooring? Check the top flooring trends for 2022

Intimacy, security, and change. These are the three premises that will mark the interior design trends for 2022 and that will be applied both in decorative elements and in floors and walls. In fact, after the pandemic and the arrival of the “new normal” many people want to renovate their home or change the look of their home to make it a more functional place where they can equally relax, work or socialize.

Nature as the main protagonist

Inspiration from nature will play a key role next year. In fact, wood finishes, both natural and with laminate flooring, porcelain or vinyl reproduction of this material are trends for 2022

Particularly noteworthy will be the whimsical and irregular lines of “bare floors”, i.e. those with knots, veins, and pores that suggest an uneven and rough appearance, somewhat rustic, but also very warm.

Nature references also draw the color palette and shapes that will be trending in flooring this 2022, with blues, greens and the range of grays as the main reference points. 

In the case of gray, we are not talking about a novelty as such, but rather a trend that has been consolidating over the years and will now experience its definitive hatching.

Floor trends

One of the advantages of gray wood floors is that they have many nuances, as they look more or less artificial depending on the chosen shade. Some of them can even emulate gradations in purple, green, brown, etc.

In any case, if we have learned anything over the years, it is that flooring trends are in continuous movement.  Therefore, although gray floors will continue to be very popular in both wood and other materials, they will gradually be replaced by more classic colors such as warm tones (especially brown and copper) or ebonized. An example of this type of darkened wood flooring is our Residence Missouri series

On the other hand, January will be “the year of flowers” in terms of decoration, hence the trends for 2022 floors include both vinyls with prints and colors and plant motifs that evoke this element of nature, as well as the wallpaper itself.

Indoor flooring trends you should know about 

Maxi” tiles are coming in big time 

Although “less is more” is a must in the field of decoration and interior design, the truth is that maximalism has been knocking on the door for some time, and it seems that this will be its definitive year to make a niche for itself among the Zen style or the simplicity of the Nordic style.

But how does this affect floor trends for 2022? Basically, in the size of porcelain pieces and tiles, designed with increasingly larger dimensions, both for floors and walls of bathrooms or kitchens.  

Large format tiles fit in with any style, although they are ideal for industrial-inspired interiors where a timeless character, lightness and simple shapes are very important.

In addition, thanks to this type of porcelain tiles and slabs, we can cover a wall from top to bottom with a single ceramic piece, creating continuous floors and walls that do not need baseboards or paint.

One Space, One Floor! 

Traditionally, when planning the renovation of a house, it was common to choose various types of flooring depending on the room: for example, it was common to place laminate or wood panels in the living room and bedrooms, porcelain or stoneware tiles in bathrooms and kitchens, and other materials such as marble in hallways or corridors. 

In recent times, we have also experienced moments of fusion of materials, styles and colors, turning the floor into a real “separator” of spaces and environments. This option was (and still is) quite common in homes with kitchens open to the living room. In these cases, we can install a hydraulic floor in the kitchen and in the living room area, parquet, a vinyl floor or a ceramic floor with different colors or patterns. The combinations are practically infinite, depending on the taste of the person. 

Floor trends

The 2022 top floor trends, however, offer a completely different alternative: installing a uniform and continuous floor throughout the house, thanks to the use of vinyl. These floors are pleasant to the touch, shock resistant and waterproof to adapt to the humidity conditions of rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens. 

Check our vinyl flooring guide and find the one that best suits your home. 

Herringbone patterns and hydraulic floors, old flooring trends that are sticking around in 2022.

Herringbone patterns in wood and hydraulic floors are two classics that will continue to trend next year. 

The herringbone pattern, which was traditionally associated with elegant European homes or in suburban estates, has become quite the benchmark for 2022 flooring trends, and is expected to remain very much in vogue over the next decade. 

The main characteristic of this type of interior flooring is that it brings a touch of luxury and elegance, regardless of the decorating style or layout we choose. In addition, herringbone patterns accept irregular pieces, with different lengths and widths, and allow different colors to be combined in the same floor. 

Regarding hydraulic tiles, they remain one of the 2022 top floor trends, so this year we will continue to find other materials that mimic the appearance of authentic hydraulic ones.

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In this case, there are many possibilities thanks to its open design and timeless character, since we can use the same range of colors or varied designs for each mosaic. Of course, if you want to install a hydraulic floor in your kitchen or bathroom in 2022, the blue color can not be missing in your betting pool. 

A piece of advice? Combine geometric, floral and traditional motifs with backgrounds in beige or earth tones.


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