The best floors for a home with pets

The best floors for a home with pets

30 May, 2022

Are you looking for the best pet flooring?☝Our recommendations are ceramic, natural stone and laminate flooring.

According to data from the Spanish Pet Identification Network (REIAC), almost 13 million pets are registered in our country. 

Pets are one more member of the family, they live with us and have their own needs. 

Therefore, they will have an influence on the type of flooring we choose for our home, in addition to any kind of reformations we decide to make in our garden.

Obviously, having a dog or a cat may not be the determining factor when selecting a floor, but it is still an element to consider. Why? Because the pavement can suffer a lot of wear over time, and it can be exacerbated by our pets. 

How to choose the best pet flooring 

When selecting the flooring for a house with pets, we should look for one which is resistant to scratches, moisture, and stains. Also, we recommend for it to be easy to clean, as it requires frequent and thorough cleaning. 

The best flooring for homes with pets should also be non-slip, since dogs love to run around the house and, on a slippery floor, they have a higher risk of suffering accidents.

That is why it is advisable to avoid very polished and shiny surfaces, and instead, go for floors with rougher finishes.

Likewise, we should avoid upholstered floors and carpets. Although they are beautiful and provide some coziness to the house, they can get full of hairs, which does not make them very hygienic in these cases.  

The problem is that we will not always find a material that meets all these requirements and that fits our own taste at the same time. Therefore, we have made an interesting selection at L’Antic Colonial to help you decide. The first piece of advice? Invest in quality floor covering.

Flooring home pets

Resistant floors for dogs and cats: the best options 

Ceramic: versatility and resistance 

If you have pets, an excellent option is to pave the floor with ceramic, a very durable material that will perfectly withstand the paws of the biggest dogs and the sharp claws of cats. 

In fact, porcelain stoneware is such a hard and resistant material that it will hardly scratch. 

If, in addition, you choose a glazed ceramic floor with a matte surface, it will also be impervious to stains and liquid penetration, meeting all the requirements for the best pet floors. 

Of course, not to mention that ceramic is available in a multitude of formats, colors and designs, and is a versatile alternative for all types of homes and styles.  

Natural stone: a timeless classic that is “paw and claw-proof”.

In addition to being a distinguished and sophisticated element, sandstone, basalt, limestone, quartzite, slate or marble flooring is still one of the best options for covering walls and floors. This is due to its functional properties, among which quality, versatility, and durability stand out. 

One of the great advantages of natural stone floors is that they stand the test of time since they are very resistant to wear and tear, temperature changes… and pet activity. A solid reason they are considered one of the best pet flooring.

In homes with pets, marble and granite should be avoided, as they can scratch under the nails of dogs and cats and are more slippery (they are usually shiny and polished). In this case, it is better to opt for slate and limestone, both with a rougher and non-slip texture because they have natural indentations.

Regarding maintenance, stone tiles do not require very demanding care, and regular cleaning is often enough to achieve a pavement in perfect condition. 

Still, if you have pets, it may be worthwhile to treat natural floors with a chemical sealing agent to make it impervious to water penetration and stains. 

Of course, with natural stone, we can also get aesthetic versatility. An idea for homes with pets? Choose a multicolored or dark-toned hue.

Best flooring homes pets

Laminate: pet-friendly flooring with lots of possibilities 

Laminate floors simulating wood, especially specific models for high-traffic spaces (category AC5 and AC6), are a one of the best flooring options for homes with pets: their surface layer protects the floor from dog and cat “races”, and also buffers the noise of their footsteps. 

As you know, laminate floors perfectly reproduce natural parquet and other materials, such as hydraulic tiles, ceramic or cement, so the aesthetic possibilities are endless.

It is also an interesting option for three reasons: 

  • Laminate floors are resistant to moisture and abrasion.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • They mimic the rough texture of wood.

In fact, there are even some laminate floors with antibacterial treatment that can be very interesting if we have pets.

L’Antic Colonial laminate floors stand out for their high resistance to abrasion and impact, and for their aesthetic possibilities. This combination of functional and design features makes it a great option for homes with pets. 

Consult our catalog to decide which pet flooring options are best suited to your needs.
If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with us or come to one of our physical stores to get personalized advice based on the characteristics of your home and your pets.


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