Home décor trends for 2024

Home décor trends for 2024

29 November, 2023

Seeking balanced and relaxing environments with natural materials as protagonists, the main trends for home decoration next year.

Are you thinking about giving your home a new look? Would you like to start the year with a major home renovation?

2024 is expected to be a time of aesthetic transformation characterized by the demand for more relaxed and natural home environments, where peace, balance and authenticity are the true protagonists, and where we can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Soft colors and organic materials are key to this purpose, as well as adopting decorative styles that combine design and philosophy, such as wabi-sabi and “coastal”.

Wabi-sabi and “Coastal”, two styles that will be trending in 2024

Wabi-sabi is a concept of Japanese origin that, applied to interior design, is characterized by simplicity, minimalism, or the use of low-profile and even “faded” colors, both in wall coverings and in furniture and accessories.

The “coastal” style has also made its way into the decoration trends for homes in 2024.

Originally from the United States, it combines marine elements in houses, as seen in many summer and beachfront residences.

The “coastal” style is very recognizable by the use of white to give a greater luminosity to the spaces and by using natural wood (preferably untreated and unbleached) in floors, coverings (for example, the kitchen countertop) or decorative elements.

Beyond these styles, next year is filled with other decorative novelties that may surprise you.

Home decor trends

Home decoration trends for 2024: a few ideas

More sustainable designs

Sustainability is a key factor in home decoration in 2024: citizens are becoming more and more concerned about the environment, and we are looking for options that respect nature, giving priority to the use of natural and recycled materials. 

We are also looking for products that follow sustainability and environmental impact reduction guidelines, such as L’Antic Colonial’s FSC ®(C028812) and PEFC-certified wood and laminate floors.

Walls with eye-catching designs 

Original patterns will take over spaces next year, and will become one of the main home décor trends in 2024.

With them we can create bold and different aesthetics that match natural textures such as wool, linen or cotton, three materials capable of creating warmth and comfort as well as communicating a stronger connection with nature.

The most popular wallpapers for walls in 2024 will be those with floral patterns and a pop style, ideal for adding a touch of freshness to any space in the house, including the bathroom or kitchen.


Interest in «biophilia» in home décor blew up in 2021, following the pandemic, and has been booming ever since.

This term refers to human’s «inherent connection» with nature.

Translated into decoration, it means connecting the spaces in which we live with the benefits and positive sensations that nature brings us through colors, textures, etc.

One of its main characteristics is the use of natural plants as decorative elements throughout the house.

Also the use of materials such as wood, essential as a floor surface.

On the walls, this decorative trend follows a palette of green or white tones, combined with areas partially covered by wallpapers with botanical patterns for bathrooms, bedroom headboards, living rooms or hallways.

Wood floors in light colors and herringbone pattern

Herringbone floors are one of the main home decor trends for 2024.

This type of wood flooring brings elegance and distinction without sacrificing a sense of movement that fits perfectly with the most modern decorating styles and trends.

Herringbone floors add visual interest and texture to the flooring, and their diagonal layout creates a sense of spaciousness, adding depth to any space in the home.

Choosing this design, in a light wood tone, such as L’Antic Colonial’s Classic Chevron Natural model, and combining it with materials such as stone or copper, and colors such as blue or green, is certain to be a success. 

Home decor trends

Striped walls and ribbed finishes

Ribbed walls are another home decoration trend that should not be overlooked, as they add warmth, bringing us closer to nature and helping us emphasize spaces in the house that normally go unnoticed.

In fact, stripped walls are a great alternative to give greater visibility to the entrance, the dressing room and even the bathroom, providing an elegant look, volume and extra warmth.

Ribbed and striped textures usually have an elegant function, as wall coverings, shower stalls or doors, but they are also useful to differentiate several areas within the same space (for example, if you want to create a reading area within an office or living room, but letting light and air in).

A good idea is to add half-height striped baseboards in living rooms, children’s bedrooms or hallways.

«Organic» furniture and accessories

Organic shapes in furniture and accessories, such as mirrors, also hold a significant position among the home decoration trends for 2024.

In dining rooms, we can see organic lines in tables, chairs, lounge chairs, sofas and light fixtures, such as ceiling and table lamps.

In bathrooms, we find edgy sinks such as L’Antic Colonial’s Picat model, where the focus is both on its rounded design and on the use of different textures and finishes in natural stone.

Generally speaking, organic shapes communicate peace and relaxation, and add a sense of depth, especially when combined with natural soil tones and materials such as wood, travertine marble, linen or velvet. 

Interior decoration is constantly evolving, and every year brings new trends that define the aesthetics of our homes.

In our blog you will find more decoration trends for your house.


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