How to choose the best type of marble for your home

How to choose the best type of marble for your home

27 March, 2023

Are you planning to use marble for your home? We guide you on the types of marbles and best applications in each case

Marble is one of the best materials for covering floors and walls.

Of natural origin, it brings nobility, exclusivity and authenticity to all types of interior and exterior spaces.

In fact, one of the great advantages of the different types of marble is its high resistance to impact and weathering.

Due to this multipurpose use, marble has different finishes, the best known being polished, aged or honed.

From an aesthetic point of view, marble offers a wide range of colors, veining and graining, and adapts to different decorative styles.

Types of marble for the home 

By its origin 

Choosing marble for your floors and walls is a very important decision.

A first classification of the types of marble can be made taking as a reference its provenance, something that, in itself, already gives it unique characteristics.

For example, Carrara marble is one of the most coveted.

This type of marble is very white and is interrupted by grayish veins, there are varieties with a very white matrix and a slight veining, and others with a darker background. 

Another of the most famous marbles is the Lilac marble, which is extracted in Turkey.

This marble is characterized by its white background and its violet veins, which run uniformly across the surface. 

As for Macael marble, it is one of the most resistant. You will distinguish it by its compact and uniform surface, with grayish blue details.

The exclusive Crema Marfil marble, consistent and elegant, or the Portuguese Rosa, delicate and comfortable, are other varieties of marble that you have surely heard of.

Marble home decor

By color 

If you are looking for the best marble for your home, we suggest you to be guided by this classification according to its colors and shades:

White marble

White marble is one of the most popular.

Common in kitchens and bathrooms, it is characterized by its uniform and clear color, and its smooth surface, easy to clean. 

The only “drawback” of this type of marble is that it is easier to stain or scratch, so it is advisable to seal it regularly to protect it. 

Red marble

Red marble has a very intense red color, which makes it striking and elegant

This type of marble has traditionally been used for the elaboration of monuments and for the cladding of facades in public buildings.

Its domestic use has been focused on the creation of luxury furniture, and it is not very common as flooring.

Gray marble

If there is a word to define gray marble, it is, certainly, versatility

This type of marble has a neutral color and is very easy to combine with other materials.  

It is one of the most popular choices, both in bathroom countertops and floors, giving a more sophisticated look to these spaces. 

Travertine Marble

Travertine marble has a unique texture, characterized by its reddish brown vein and rough surface

Dark travertine stone is recommended for use in bathrooms and exterior finishes.

Marble home decor

How to choose marble for your floors, facades or countertops 

The number of marbles that exist is very large, hence their uses are also very varied.

For example, white marble is elegant for floor coverings, especially in homes or in more classic environments.

In decoration, one of the best options are cream-colored marbles, as they are warm and bright, and you can combine them with other materials. 

Regarding black marbles, they provide a distinguished and special air, and are used for facades, floors and countertops.

Another important aspect to choose the marble for your house is its finish, which conditions both its beauty and the uses of this material. 

Marble is usually polished, which gives it a special, long-lasting shine.

But if we want marble for outdoor areas (terraces, porches, etc.) or facades, it is better to go for a honed or aged finish.  

When you want to use marble on a countertop, it is quite important to look for a variety that can withstand stains caused by substances such as acids (in the kitchen we must be careful with lemon and other citrus fruits; in the bathroom, we must be careful not to stain it by spills of perfumes and cosmetics).

Marble, one of our favorite natural stones 

Marble is one of our favorite materials. 

At L’Antic Colonial we are committed to customizing formats and finishes, both for homes and for restaurants and relaxation areas. 

This noble material provides neatness and elegance wherever it is used, especially if we choose a tone and veining that fits our aesthetic needs.

Our ARCTIC WHITE series is an ideal classic for large and luminous spaces, while NEGRO MARQUINA marble can fit very well in small rooms or designer bathrooms.

Likewise, the NAIROBI CREMA or KAYAK BEIGE series are especially versatile because of their color. 
In addition, all our marble floors and coverings are protected with BIOPROT, an advanced treatment that applies a protective layer on the natural stone to guarantee its durability.


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