How to decorate a children’s room with wallpaper

How to decorate a children’s room with wallpaper

28 December, 2023

Tips for decorating a children's room with wallpaper: discover the unique and original designs of L'Antic Colonial.

Planning the decoration of a children’s room is not always easy: beyond aesthetics, we should also look for functional solutions according to children’s changing needs as they grow up.

In fact, the first requirement is to create a functional space, adapted to their needs (for example, that the cabinets to store their things are at their height or that they can open furniture and drawers easily or climb into their beds without making a great effort).

Children’s rooms should also be versatile, since children will be doing many different activities in them, such as playing, sleeping or doing their homework. 

One of the keys is to choose furniture and accessories that are resistant and easy to clean

Regarding textiles, the recommendation is to choose bright curtains, blinds or bed linen, with nice textures and easy to wash.

But what about the walls? Is it better to choose a neutral tone to match all types of decoration? What are the best options, if we take into account that children’s preferences and needs change as they grow up and develop their own personality? 

In this case, the best option is a wallpaper.

In fact, children’s wallpaper not only covers walls and protects them: it is also an important decorative element, with many possibilities, which allows children to “own” the space and feel more comfortable in it.

Choosing a wallpaper for a children’s room is a very simple and quick way to completely change the decoration. 

Wallpaper childrens room

Benefits of using a wallpaper in a children’s room  

Lately, wallpaper has strongly returned, becoming one of the protagonists of interior decoration and “winning” territory over painting when it comes to decorating walls.

For this reason, it is becoming more and more common for parents to choose to add wallpaper to their baby’s room, knowing that, as their child grows, they will be able to change it without any problems. 

In addition, the variety of children’s wallpaper is almost endless, both in colors and in designs, textures and finishes.

One of the great benefits of a wallpaper in a children’s room is its maintenance: unlike paint, which eventually gets damaged, wallpaper is very resistant to bumps and scratches and, with a little care, you can keep it as the first day. 

Cleaning it is also quite simple: with a damp cloth (microfiber cloths are the best option), you can remove stains and absorb dirt without any problem. 

In addition, the possibility of changing the walls of the room as the children grow up and mature is appreciated: you only have to remove the old paper and put a new one.

Therefore, the children’s wallpapers that they loved so much in their early childhood will surely be replaced by more plain decorative designs, such as geometric, floral or special textures.

Another point in its favor?

The versatility and the possibility of changing without renovations and without investing a large amount of money will allow children to be more involved in the decoration of their own room, encouraging their imagination and personality.

Tips: how to choose a wallpaper for a children’s room 

Wallpapers with childish designs are preferred by the little ones.

However, covering all the walls with them can be a burden, especially if the room is small or with little light.

That is why, in some occasions, our recommendation is to cover only one or two walls.

If you are looking for a sense of tranquility, pastel and soft tones never go wrong, and they are also the best alternative in study areas and desks. 

For older children with more personality, you can go for textured wallpapers, with neutral colors and fun but basic patterns, such as geometric designs. 

It is also essential that the wallpaper doesn’t clash with the rest of the room, so you should combine it with the furniture in the room.

Generally, to decorate children’s rooms you choose furniture in white or a light wood tone, with simple and balanced lines, as they adapt easily to future decorative changes. 

And if what you want is to get a greater sense of spaciousness, opt for a children’s wallpaper with light colors and / or small prints. 

Finally, remember to always select quality, durable materials with “timeless” designs that will not go out of style.

Wallpaper childrens room

Don’t know how to decorate a children’s room with wallpaper? L’Antic Colonial has the solution 

It is clear that choosing a wallpaper for a baby’s room is not the same as choosing a wallpaper for an older child’s room, almost a teenager. 

Also, the preferences of each child are totally different

It is important that you evaluate all the possibilities available to you, and choose the design that best fits what your son or daughter wants.

Luckily, L’Antic Colonial’s new wallpaper collections adapt to all tastes and ages.

Pastel tones, geometric motifs, flowers, jungle animals, tropical prints, textures with reliefs, realistic landscapes, abstract designs… you imagine and at L’Antic Colonial you can find the solution.

If you want a traditional room, with small touches of color on the walls, we recommend the SKINS EMPYREAL WOVEN collection.

If you prefer starry patterns, lighter, to bring brightness and convey peace, the SKINS PATTERN RA PEARL or SKINS ART BAMBOO GREEN designs are what you are looking for.

The SKINS ART ABSTRACT collection in pink, black, blue or green is ideal if you want a fun decoration, while the SKINS NATURE ALBA series will bring a touch of realism to the room. 

And if you are looking for pastel tones, more neutral and easy to combine, the SKINS EMPYREAL DOTS series is the perfect solution for you.

Check out our catalog and choose the wallpaper that best suits you.


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