How to use wallpaper for your kitchen

How to use wallpaper for your kitchen

21 January, 2022

Do you want to renovate your kitchen quickly and easily? If so, these tips on how to use kitchen wallpaper are for you.

Wallpaper is an excellent alternative to decorate any space in the house, including the most humid rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens. 

Interior design experts say that wallpaper is experiencing a “second golden age”, which is why there are so many different wallpaper designs available today. 

But is it a good idea to use wallpaper in the kitchen?

Advantages of introducing wallpaper in kitchens 

Variety of colors and textures

To begin with, and unlike tiles, which give a “colder feel”, wallpaper can be of different colors and textures, with designs and patterns that adapt to all kinds of tastes and aesthetics, both discrete and striking. In addition, some of the wallpaper designs simulate traditional kitchen materials, such as wood, marble or natural stone, and the results are truly “realistic”.

Perfect for open kitchens

Wallpaper is a particularly recommended option for open kitchens, as it is a very practical way of delimiting spaces

Kitchen wallpaper allows us to visually separate the kitchen area from the dining room, which can be a multipurpose space to eat, work or a space for children to do their homework.

Kitchen wallpaper ideas

Disguises imperfections

Another advantage of using wallpaper in kitchens is that this material can cover stains.

Easy installation

One of the main benefits of wallpaper is that it is inexpensive and easy to install. Another great advantage is that nowadays, we can find washable kitchen wallpaper.

This type of wallpaper is easy to clean and allows the rooms to be completely sanitized and in good condition for a long time.

On the other hand, sometimes wallpaper is a great alternative to highlight or emphasize some areas of the kitchen, creating a very nice visual effect, but perhaps it is not the best option to coat the entire kitchen, something that you should also take into account.

Where to put wallpaper in your kitchen: 3 ideas for a “chic” touch

In most kitchens there are three working areas: sink, cooking and food handling. 

Wallpaper can be very resistant to moisture, so you can put it in all of them. However, in some cases it is not recommended to put wallpaper near the cooking area or over the sink, since, due to stains and splashes, it may deteriorate sooner. 

Some of our recommended locations for kitchen wallpaper are: 


Although it may seem impractical, placing wallpaper on the backsplash area is a great way to add a touch of color to your kitchen

Another alternative is to place a transparent glass or methacrylate over the paper, so that the area can be easily cleaned and wear and tear can be avoided.


“Office” is a term that we use colloquially to refer to open kitchens that are connected to other rooms, such as the living room, since they lack a partition wall. 

In these cases, wallpaper is a great way to frame the dining room and give it a distinctive look. A tip? You can choose wallpaper with textured or natural finish patterns, such as those in our Augusta collection, to create warmer and more pleasant spaces.  

Kitchen wallpaper

Kitchen Lofts

One of the best places to use kitchen wallpaper are the high recesses of the kitchen. That is, the space between the furniture and the ceiling

This alternative is especially interesting in homes with high ceilings, although it is also a good idea in kitchens where only the back of the backsplash is covered with tiles. 

In this case, classic wallpaper with vertical stripes will work perfectly, although you can opt for bolder designs, such as floral prints like the Calatea series, for example, or with semi-textures that imitate wood, stone or face brick finishes

Can I place kitchen wallpaper on top of tiles?

This is a very frequent question before putting wallpaper in the kitchen, and the answer is yes, although you must follow some basic guidelines. 

For example, there must be no imperfections in the coating that could prevent proper fastening. It is also advisable to cover the tile joints with a special putty to make the wall as uniform as possible, without bulges.

If you have more questions about how to use wallpaper in your home, we recommend you read this article on our blog. In addition, in our Skins Wallpapers collections you can find different options and styles to suit your needs and those of your home. 


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