Ideas on how to decorate a hotel reception

Ideas on how to decorate a hotel reception

19 July, 2022

Materials and furniture play a crucial role when it comes to decorating a hotel reception, find out the keys to make it!

The reception is the first thing guests see when they walk in a hotel, a fundamental “showcase” to achieve a favorable first impression that will make them feel at home and allow the accommodation to meet their expectations. 

A personal, aesthetic and functional welcome area  

When a guest arrives at a hotel, the first thing they do is go to the reception. Therefore, it is necessary to look for strategic compositions, materials and furniture, which are adapted to the type of guests of the accommodation: think that the needs of a professional traveling on business are not the same as those of a family with children, or those of a couple on vacation.

But what should we take into account when planning the decoration of a hotel reception? 

There are a variety of creative possibilities for designing a reception area, and clearly, trends are important. However, this room should combine style and functionality in equal parts, and should go with the rest of the style of the hotel. 

One of the smartest decisions when planning the decoration of a hotel is to choose a resistant flooring that can withstand the high traffic of people, suitcases, etc. 

Decoration reception hotel

Laminate and ceramic floors are, due to their durability, maintenance and easy cleaning, two of the recommended alternatives, although some luxury hotels continue to opt for classic materials such as marble for the hall.

On the other hand, it is estimated that between check-in, check-out, transit and waiting times, customers spend between 15 minutes and an hour at the hotel entrance. 

And while it is true that it is a transit area, many guests use this corner to relax or read, so seeking comfort is becoming increasingly important.

How to decorate a hotel reception entrance: 5 tips 


Although it admits an extravagant or avant-garde point, the design of a hotel reception is usually articulated around three major decorative styles: modern Scandinavian, rustic and contemporary-minimalist. 

  • The scandinavian style is a safe bet for its pure colors and simple lines, which provide sobriety while facilitating the combination with striking elements (carpets, lamps, paintings, etc.) of any style.
  • As for the rustic style, it is especially used in older hotels or rural lodgings, and wood is the main protagonist: this material stands the test of time very well, both in floors and in furniture and coverings. 
  • Finally, a minimalist style will always be welcome in new hotels where geometric shapes and the most innovative curves will be perfectly accepted.


One of the most classic materials for decorating hotel receptions is marble. 

Floors, walls or furniture with marble details transmit elegance and luxury, and provide a renewed and modern air, although in excess they can provoke a certain coldness.

With respect to wood, the opposite is true: it gives us a warmer and cozy look, which leaves the way open to the combination with complements of any decorative style. 

In the case of ceramics or stone, these are the star materials for covering the walls of a hall and, if we combine them with wood, we can obtain excellent results.  


The counter is the unquestionable protagonist of a hotel reception, and it is the axis around which the rest of the elements are articulated and distributed. 

The counter not only serves to properly serve guests: it is also a space designed to enhance their experience.

Counter trends have changed over time. 

  • For example, in “business” hotels, the classic long longitudinal counter can be replaced by several, smaller counters, which speed up waiting times and enable faster check-in/check-out management for travelers. 
  • In family or rural hotels, on the other hand, we look for proximity, so we can place a narrower counter, which brings us closer to customers and makes them feel more confident.

When choosing a counter for the reception of a hotel, we must take into account another important element: its back wall, which will become the main focus of attention of the hall. 

This wall should be in line with the entire decoration: in rural houses, wooden details can be included, while in business and luxury hotels, more sober elements can be chosen, with gold or metallic finishes.


The furniture in the reception of a hotel should include strategic pieces to improve the customer experience, always seeking coherence with its services.

For example, if your hotel reception is a very long corridor, the elements should be arranged longitudinally, and we can add benches and designer poufs so that customers can wait there. 

If, on the other hand, we are talking about a boutique and intimate hotel, the furniture can be inspired by old houses to offer a more homely touch. 

Other tips for choosing furniture for a hotel entrance are: 

  1. Don’t overcrowd the space. 
  2. Find a place for each piece. 
  3. Create a spacious and comfortable environment.


There are many options for lighting a hotel lobby:

  • If you have wide ceilings, go for hanging lamps.
  • If space is limited, use small spotlights strategically placed. 

Remember that the counter area should always be well lit to facilitate transactions and create an atmosphere of trust. 

And for secondary lighting, you can use wall sconces or table lamps that generate interesting and attractive indirect lighting.


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