¿Is it possible to Install laminate flooring on top of parquet floors?

¿Is it possible to Install laminate flooring on top of parquet floors?

27 September, 2021

Is it possible to lay laminate flooring over parquet? Find out the answer with L'Antic Colonial.

Laminate flooring is a type of flooring, consisting of several layers, which simulates the realistic finishes of materials such as ceramic, wood or polished concrete.

The main technical feature of this type of flooring is its construction: each layer is made of synthetic or wood-based materials around a top panel of “HDF core” (High Density Fibre) made of refined wood fibres and high quality melamine resin.

If you are thinking of introducing this material over a parquet floor, at L’Antic Colonial we explain whether laminate flooring can be laid over parquet.

What are the advantages of laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is available in all styles, colours and formats. 

This versatility is just one of the advantages of this type of floors. Other benefits of choosing this material for a renovation or refurbishment are: 

  • Cleanliness and maintenance. Laminate flooring is a good choice if you are looking for a material that does not require specific maintenance or cleaning: this type of flooring does not need to be waxed or polished, and to clean it we only need a damp cloth or a non-abrasive product.
  • Resistance. Laminate floors are very resistant to stains, chemicals and abrasion. They also have a good resistance to wear and tear and keep their colour intact for a long time, even when constantly exposed to sunlight. Depending on their resistance to wear and impact, laminate floors are classified into four groups: AC3, AC4, AC5 and AC6. The first and second are the most common in private homes; AC5 is recommended for areas with high foot traffic, such as hotels, shops and commercial premises. Finally, AC6 laminate floors are the most suitable for industries.
Laminate flooring on top of parquet
  • Installation. Laminate floors are easy to install and make it possible to quickly change or renovate the floor of a home. In fact, it is often not even necessary to remove the previous floor. In addition, laminate floors are compatible with heating, making them a good alternative to give your home a greater sense of comfort and warmth. 

    One disadvantage is that if you have radiant heating, the thermal resistance of the two floorings increases, which will make it more difficult to feel the heat.

Can laminate flooring be laid on top of parquet? 

Laminate flooring can be laid on top of granite, polished concrete, marble and, of course, parquet

However, in order to lay laminate flooring on top of parquet, the latter must meet certain requirements. 

First of all, we must verify that all the parquet is glued to the surface or laid in a floating manner to serve as a base for the new floor.  It should only be laid on top of the glued parquet, never if the parquet is laid floating.

In addition, the parquet must be even, clean, and dry. If there are any irregularities in the form of joints, cracks and dents, these must be removed before the laminate floor is laid on top of it. To do this, we can use a sander or a levelling product. 

Due to their nature, laminate flooring and floating parquet can crack or expand when there are sudden changes in temperature or when humidity conditions change. Therefore, when laying laminate floors on top of parquet floors, it is necessary to maintain sufficient expansion joints, although these should not coincide with those of the parquet. 

Laminate flooring on top of parquet

It is very important that at the time of installation the two floorings are match perfectly to ensure insulation and to avoid water logging of the floor causing permanent damage: if the old planks move or lift due to unevenness or moisture problems, they will push against the laminate floorboards and the laminate floor will eventually lift.

Therefore, one of the main tips for laying laminate flooring on top of parquet is to place insulation between the two materials to help the boards settle.

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Are there any disadvantages of laminate flooring?

The biggest disadvantage of laminate flooring is the jointing of the different pieces, because if this is not done correctly, unevenness and gaps between the grooves can occur. To avoid this problem and to ensure that the floor is even and smooth, it is essential that the laminate is installed by professionals. Especially if you do not know how to lay laminate flooring on top of parquet.

If your idea involves installing laminate flooring in bathrooms or kitchens, at L’Antic Colonial we have products that are recommended for these spaces as they are suitable for wet areas, such as AC5 Hall 1L Cream, among others.

→ You can see all the options available for bathrooms and kitchens here. Filter by ‘laminates’ and ‘suitable for bathrooms and kitchens’ and you will find the perfect products for these rooms.

L’Antic Colonial laminate flooring brings warmth to your home 

To sum up, if the condition of the parquet is good, considering the possible expansion differences and leaving space for these movements, we can lay a laminate on top of it without too much of a problem

But if the parquet is in poor condition, the best option is to remove it before laying a new floor.  

L’Antic Colonial has a varied selection of laminate floors that simulate natural wood. Their characteristics and properties make these laminates unique and attractive floors thanks to their finishes, shades and textures.

Take a look at our Home, Natural, Supreme or Vienna collections, based on more classic designs, or get inspired by more innovative concepts with the Baltic, Cross, Hall or Style collections. 

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