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Tips on laying Victorian mosaics – Everything you need to know

24 May, 2020 | Uncategorized
Tips on laying Victorian mosaics – Everything you need to know

From L’Antic Colonial we trust on the elegance and sophistication these types of mosaics will give to the decoration of your house.  However, laying Victorian mosaics is not an easy task. There are multiple aspects that you should know before you start installing them on your home.

Today we help you to have everything settled and prepared to know you are laying your Victorian mosaic correctly. Here you will find some tips to do it correctly and ideas to choose wisely what to do next.

Why are Victorian mosaics so special?

If you are thinking on laying Victorian mosaics on your home, you probably know already the uniqueness of this kind of mosaics. They will totally revive the decoration of the place where they are placed.

Victorian mosaics are vitrified stone mosaics that adopt different shapes and colours on their designs. However, the main theme is to take us back to a Victorian decoration. They are classic, and even though they might combine more avant-garde colours, they keep this traditional and beautiful style.

They are ideal because the final result you will get once installed. They are also easy to maintain. Not only are they decorative and very special, but they also are very hygienic and they can be easily cleaned.

This type of mosaics will give your home decoration the singular touch you are looking for.

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Laying Victorian mosaics – some tips to get you started

In L’Antic Colonial we are experts on laying Victorian mosaics and we mean to help you to choose the best way to do so. There are some things to take into consideration when deciding on installing Victorian mosaics.

Trust an expert on laying Victorian mosaics

In order to achieve the best results, do not try to install them on your own. Trust an expert when laying Victorian mosaics on your home. This will guarantee a professional touch and also a longer duration of the mosaics.

An expert will analyse the surface, choose the proper materials for the installation and prepare everything in the right way so there are no surprises when the laying process is finished. To invest a little more will help you in the future to avoid damp floors or cracks.

Create your own pattern

If you choose to install a Victorian mosaic in your house, then you will be able to choose different patterns to do so. Also, mosaics allow you to create your own designs so they fit in your house decoration as much as possible.

Before going ahead and starting the installation process, think about the variety of possibilities you have at hand and create your own pattern of Victorian mosaic. This will turn the selected space into a unique corner.

Things you should do before laying your Victorian mosaics

It is important to know where the best places for installing Victorian mosaics are or what type of styles suit your decoration better. These mosaics are made of a certain type of material that also requires certain maintenance.

Where to place the Victorian mosaics

Ceramic made mosaics are easier to place because this material is flexible and resistant. They are perfect both for indoors or for outdoors spaces, in this latter case depends on the collection. They also do not need high maintenance because of the durability of the ceramics.

However, the design of Victorian mosaics makes them very unique and it is possible that you might have some trouble choosing where to place them. They are perfect for outdoor spaces like the frontal or back porch of your home, depending on the collection you choose.

If you are looking for a different look, then you can opt for laying Victorian mosaics on your kitchen or even in your hall. They are perfect for defining the diverse sections of an open space like, for example, an American kitchen.

How to take care or the Victorian mosaics

Just like any other surface, if you choose to install Victorian mosaics on your house, they will need to be clean and be taken care of sometimes. On a regular basis, you can clean them with water and check for a good brush that does not damage it.

Also, regrout them from time to time so they always look as the first day they were installed. There are some special products you can use for cleaning it and you can also use mild detergent.

Styles that fit with Victorian mosaics

Even though it might seem difficult to place the Victorian mosaics, their aesthetics adapt quite well to any type of decoration and they can help to enhance those rooms or porches with scarcity of light.

Victorian mosaics combine quite well with nature inspired decorations. They have neutral colours like white or black that help the wooden tones and green tones stand out over the rest.

Also, if you are looking for something else rather than the typical Victorian decoration, you can also try to combine them with a more industrial style. They go perfectly with brick materials if you are considering laying Victorian mosaics on your porch.

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Where to find inspiration – guide on laying Victorian mosaics

Looking for original ideas for laying Victorian mosaics? Inspiration can be found anywhere, from a decoration magazine to your neighbour’s terrace. The perfect decoration for your home is out there waiting for you.

In L’Antic Colonial we want to inspire you. Our materials are made out with passion and love so we can always be sure that we are providing just what our clients need. Find what you need in our catalogue.

Do not hesitate on checking our catalogue to find new and bright ideas on how to decorate your home or how to install properly the Victorian Mosaic that you have chosen.

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