L’Antic Colonial’s latest Linkfloor developments to be presented at InteriHotel 2017

L’Antic Colonial’s latest Linkfloor developments to be presented at InteriHotel 2017

24 October, 2017 | Fairs
L’Antic Colonial’s latest Linkfloor developments to be presented at InteriHotel 2017

The InteriHotel fair, the largest show specifically for interior design and hotel decor, is being held in Barcelona on 25, 26 and 27 October. Thus, Barcelona will be full of personalities and products related to the hotel world, looking for innovation and style. Obviously, L’Antic Colonial, hand in hand with the Porcelanosa Group, could not miss such an important occasion.

They will be taking and showing Linkfloor, a vinyl textile mounted on PVC, with a fibreglass and polyester inner, highly resistent to impacts and tears. On this occasion, two different applications will be on show: Linkfloor Wall Contract Clay and Linkfloor Roll Contract Clay. Linkfloor is L’Antic Colonial’s material par excellence for hotels thanks to how it adapts to the needs of these enterprises.

With Linkfloor Wall Contract, L’Antic Colonial is introducing a way of using this material far removed from its previous uses. The design, besides being used to cover walls, can also be used as headboards, thanks to its manageability and adaptability. Yet another way of using Linkfloor to breathe new life into the bedroom.

As you can see, this material is characterised by its many uses, as it can be fitted to furniture, walls, ceilings, headboards… and all with very little effort, given that its large format (100x3000cm) and its light weight makes it easy to transport and install.

In addition, Linkfloor Roll Contract, is to be installed on a fragment of the stand’s floor. It is a similar material to the aforementioned but is slightly thicker (0.25cm) and therefore able to stand more traffic. Its format in 200x1000cm rolls is easy to fit, is very stylish and provides continuity.

However, in a hotel environment, further to their design and style, these materials really stand out for being resistant, easy to clean and unchanged by water or chemicals. These advantages are very important when talking about spaces as busy as hotels where it is necessary to be able to clean quickly and easily as well as having a material which is easily maintained day in day out.

As you can see, all the features shown by both Linkfloor Wall and Roll make them ideal for use in hotels due to the high traffic in the communal areas and rooms of these buildings. Both items, due to their large format, are easy to install using glue.

The hotel services will find even more advantages when they see how easy they are to clean. Any hotel can have a stylish material that is also resilient and longlasting.


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