Marble bathrooms: advantages and inspiration for your home

Marble bathrooms: advantages and inspiration for your home

20 March, 2023

Have you decided on marble for your bathroom? Don’t miss these ideas and inspirations on how to use it.

Marble is a massive metamorphic rock composed of limestone rocks that, when subjected to high temperatures and pressure, reach a high degree of crystallization.

Its most common color is white, although it can change if mixed with other rocks such as graphite, hematite, clay or limonite, resulting in a wide range of colors and marbling in the stone. 

As a building material, marble stands out for its resistance to condensation and humidity, making it an excellent cladding for bathrooms. 

Timeless and elegant, it can be combined with other materials and styles with very good results: golden faucets and fixtures, paint, wallpaper, vintage decoration, etc.

Advantages of marble bathrooms 

High durability 

Marble bathrooms never go out of style and, although it can be considered an expensive flooring, its long life makes it worth the investment

This material is very resistant to knocks and scratches, so you will only have to polish the floors periodically to keep them shining like the first day. 

Guaranteed elegance 

Marble could be considered something like the “precious stone” of flooring: this natural material has a very glamorous luster, and the patina that generates overtime gives it an unquestionable elegance.

Authenticity and uniqueness

The natural veins of marble create unique and unrepeatable patterns and colors.

In fact, there are many varieties of marble with different colors, so they can adapt to all kinds of tastes and aesthetics. 

Ease of cleaning 

Marble is quite easy to clean. 

It is used not only in bathrooms, but also in other environments where hygiene is fundamental, such as kitchens, public spaces, hotels and restaurants, etc. 

Even so, there are some chemical cleaning products that can damage marble floors and walls (especially those that are very acidic), so care must be taken with their application.

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Marble bathroom

Ideas and inspiration for your marble bathrooms

Have you decided on marble for your bathroom? Check our advice on how to choose the right type of marble for your bathroom in addition to a few creative ideas. 

Play with color

Marble is a classic material, but it offers the most diverse of aesthetic possibilities

For example, white marble (the most popular) can work as a covering in classic style bathrooms as well as in minimalist or more modern bathrooms

In addition, in very small bathrooms or bathrooms without windows, this type of marble brings a lot of light and brightness, creating a greater sense of spaciousness

A piece of advice? If you choose marble of a lighter tone for your bathroom, install an extra-flat white shower tray to highlight the beauty and veining of the natural stone.

Remember that you can also find grayish, yellow, red and even green and black marble. Each of them has veins of specific shapes and colors, which gives distinctiveness to each piece. 

A good idea is to match the color and veining with the bathroom furniture to accentuate its uniqueness.

Which tile type to choose

You are sure that you want marble for your bathroom, but which tile format should you choose?

The beauty of marble, its veining and texture will stand out much more if you go for tiles, the bigger the better. The 60 x 120 cm. or 120 x 120 cm. tiles are perfect.

The “problem” is that, in order to install this type of tile, the walls of the room must be completely flat, which can make installation difficult in older homes or when renovating. 

Imitation or natural stone?

Today there are materials that resemble marble and are cheaper than natural stone, such as tiles or wallpaper.

These types of tiles are very resistant to moisture and dirt, are available in multiple finishes, are lightweight and offer very good aesthetic results, making them an ideal choice for some types of renovations.

However, the materials that reproduce marble do not offer the same performance as natural stone, and that is something you should take into account.

Marble elements to give a “chic” touch to your bathroom 

Betting on marble to highlight a single element of your bathroom is an option to consider. This way, your budget will not go through the roof, and, being such a versatile material, you can combine it with any style.

For example, you can put the sink in dark marble (gray, green or black) and choose a round bathroom mirror and a beautiful waterfall faucet.

You can also go for a light marble plinth to give a “glamorous” touch to your bathroom if it has dark walls. 

Marble flooring and facing brick walls are also a good solution if you want an industrial style bathroom in your home, while a marble shower never goes out of style, regardless of the aesthetics of the rest of the room.

Marble bathroom ideas

Marble bathrooms and freestanding bathtub: the perfect combination

Marble walls and freestanding bathtubs are a perfect combination, as both elements together evoke relaxation and luxury.  

Freestanding bathtubs are a must-have jewel for designer bathrooms. 

You can choose bathtubs with classic metal legs, asymmetrical bathtubs or more modern oval-shaped bathtubs.

Cast marble is the best material for this type of bathtub because of its high quality, resistance, stability and design possibilities.

At L’Antic Colonial we know that no two natural stones are alike and that each type of marble offers a different value to the architecture of the home, providing a neat and elegant look. 
Consult our marble catalog and turn your bathrooms into truly exceptional rooms.


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