Mediterranean style decoration: how to combine it in your home

Mediterranean style decoration: how to combine it in your home

29 February, 2024

Here we will tell you all about Mediterranean style decoration as well as give you tips on how to use it in your home.

Light woods, natural materials, fibers, luminosity, abundant vegetation, etc.

Mediterranean style decoration takes us to the seaside, to moments of relaxation and quiet places, balanced and full of details, in which we can remember the peaceful sunsets of Ibiza or Santorini. 

Decorating your home with a Mediterranean style will help you create interiors defined by calm and slow life, with the blue and white color palette as protagonists, and with textiles randomly overlapped, generating a controlled «clutter» full of personality.

Characteristics of the Mediterranean style decor

Mediterranean style is characterized by:

  • Use of natural light to boost the beauty of the space and bring amplitude. 
  • Use of wicker, wood or rattan furniture.
  • Use of textiles (bed linen, carpets, curtains, etc.) made of natural materials, mainly linen and cotton.
  • Priority for a neutral color palette, led by white, blue and turquoise tones. 
  • Priority for a neutral color palette, led by white, blue and turquoise tones. 
  • Selection of traditional materials, such as wood, ceramics for floors, coverings, countertops, decorative details, etc. 
  • Use of vegetation as a decorative element, both in interior and exterior spaces (terraces, patios, porches, etc.).

On the other hand, when we talk about the Mediterranean style home decor, we must distinguish between the rustic Mediterranean style (in which wood and nature are central) and the modern Mediterranean style (with a minimalist touch and integrating ergonomic design furniture).

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Mediterranean style decor

Guide to integrate the Mediterranean style into your home decor

Make the most of natural light 

The Mediterranean is synonymous of light and joy.

Therefore, if you want to decorate your home with a Mediterranean style, you should look for maximum brightness in every room. 

The best way to find the right harmony between the different tones and light is to go for white, both on walls and floors

Large windows and high ceilings will also help you to create spaces inspired by the dolce far niente, typical Mediterranean coast’s most representative corners.

Combine white and blue 

The blue and white combination never fails and is a must in Mediterranean style decor, as well as one of its most significant elements. 

And the fact is that pure white, with intense blue details, evokes the sea and floods the houses (metaphorically) with sea breeze.

Cheerful interior patios and balconies with lots of vegetation

The Mediterranean decorative style conveys the feeling of always being on vacation, and therefore it is essential to pay attention to the outdoor spaces, since, in coastal areas, they open the house towards the sea.  

These spaces are also considered multifunctional, and it is advisable to make the most of them. 

Patios and balconies play an important role in this decorative style, and it is essential to take care of both their distribution and each decorative element, including floors and coverings, furniture, textiles, lamps, etc. 

Vegetation, especially native plants, should not be missing in them either, to transmit freshness and vitality.

Some elements, such as table lamps, screens, trellises or wooden panels, will help gain shaded spaces, increase light and connect the interior with the exterior of the house

The kitchen, at the center  

In Latin culture, the kitchen plays a crucial role: this is where we eat, but also where we gather with family and friends.

For this reason, in many Mediterranean-style homes, open kitchens are used to gain light and amplitude.

Mediterranean style decorating ideas

Exposed beams 

If you are about to make a renovation, and you want your new house to have a «Mediterranean» touch, we recommend that you leave the beams in living rooms and bedrooms exposed: wood, preferably untreated, is a direct link with nature, and is a typical Mediterranean element. 

In addition, dark wood creates a timeless and elegant contrast with white walls and ceilings.

Floors and walls with natural finishes  

Mediterranean decor is all about natural textures and materials.

Wood and ceramics are the main choices for floors in this type of houses: after all, simplicity and serene atmospheres contribute to highlight the minimalism of a modern Mediterranean decorative style.

Tiles in plain tones and with designs that take as a reference the hydraulic floors are essential to create environments with Mediterranean airs.

To clad the walls and floors of the bathrooms, we can use small format tiles and mosaics with a glossy finish, especially in sky, navy or turquoise colors, but also in gray, as we can see in the Mediterránea Calpe series by L’Antic Colonial.. 

For the kitchen, it is possible to extend the range of shades, although a good option is to fully or partially cover the walls with white and matte white ceramic tiles, especially retro designs, which can be combined with wooden furniture and decorative elements in green and even earth tones.

Wood and metal for the bathroom  

The bathroom cannot escape from interior design trends if we want to add the Mediterranean essence to our home. 

L’Antic Colonial’s haute couture bathrooms and its Design Series are intended to provide a unique personality that can fit in with this decorative style.

Proof of this are the countertops in walnut, oak or chestnut to get unique finishes, as well as the sinks that combine natural stone and wood, or the furniture in wood and metal

In L’Antic Colonial’s Colum series you will also find authentic «works of art», inspired by Classical Greece and that combine very well with a Mediterranean style decor for your home thanks to its simplicity.

So tell us, do you have any other ideas to give a Mediterranean touch to your home?


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