XVII ideas of mosaics for bathrooms

XVII ideas of mosaics for bathrooms

7 June, 2020

Until recently, the bathroom was the stay of the home that was not given so much attention when it came to decoration. In recent times this has changed and there are so many experts which consider the bathroom one of the stays more important of a house, so, in this case, mosaic bathroom is the...

Until recently, the bathroom was the stay of the home that was not given so much attention when it came to decoration. In recent times this has changed and there are so many experts which consider the bathroom one of the stays more important of a house, so, in this case, mosaic bathroom is the key to give that value.

Use mosaic bathroom will help to give to this room a distinguish and unique touch. L’ Antic Colonial has available in its catalog a selection of mosaics for bathrooms that can meet-and-exceed expectations of the most demanding customers.

If you want to give to the bathroom the value that deserves to keep reading this post, L’ Antic Colonial brings XVII ideas of mosaics for bathrooms:

Meet the excellence: Mosaic Bathrooms

The bathroom is the ideal refugee where you can relax and escape from the routine, because of this it is important to care about its aesthetic. In L’ Antic Colonial we take care about provide our clients the best mosaics bathrooms, always taking care about the beauty and quality. Our mosaic for bathrooms will bring to stay the authenticity and beauty that you are looking for.

Our Mosaic bathroom makes the stay splendor because in L´Antic Colonial we select carefully each one of our materials attending to the excellence of the quality of the product.

This are our XX ideas of mosaics for bathrooms

In spite that in this post we will distinguish between those mosaics which are ideal for floors and those who are ideal for walls, it is important to pay attention to each characteristic of the mosaic’s bathroom always.

I. Air Mosaics

The binomial between black and white, allows to create the atmosphere of perfect elegance or if you prefer, a modern and avant-garde style. Either of the two options will make the bathroom become the most sophisticated stay in the house.


II. Water Ice Supreme

These mosaics are perfect for those looking to bring a touch of light to their bathroom. You can use them on the bathroom wall, shower wall or floor, thanks to their material, so, you will gain light and space.

III. Colors Aluminum Chocolate

The chocolate colored metal bathroom mosaic will give the room an avant-garde and modern touch. This mosaic will change the bathroom from a simple design to a unique design, can be used for the shower wall or the bathroom wall.

IV. Form Hub White

White is always synonymous with light and space. The Form Hub White bathroom mosaic has the capacity to create a simple and at the same time a distinguished place because of its design and shape. You can use it on the wall of the bathroom or shower or on the floor of the bathroom or shower.

V. Form Hub Brown

Thanks to the design and shape of this bathroom mosaic that offers a multitude of possibilities, you can create a neutral space and simultaneously create a multitude of contrasts that will allow you to combine with other colors and textures.

As the Form Hub White mosaic, you will be able to use it on the wall of the bathroom or shower or on the floor of the bathroom or shower.

VI. Victorian Chevron Carrara Aluminium

The white Victorian Chevron Carrara Aluminium is always a sign of good taste. This series have always stood out for the elegance and class they can provide to a space. Use these mosaics as a mosaic bathroom would make the room a truly unique piece of art.

VII. Victorian Chevron Brown

By using the Victorian Chevron Brown mosaic at the wall of the shower if the screen is transparent, you will get a sense of deepness as well as gain more space and get a different bathroom. This mosaic can only be used in the bathroom or shower wall.

VIII. Imperia Mix Silver Blacks

These mosaics composed of glass and enamelled travertine are perfect for those looking for a touch of modernism. Use these pieces in the bathroom or on the shower walls and give a personal touch to this room, success is guaranteed.

IX. Imperia Nepal Bronze

If you are looking for a place where peace and tranquility reigns, these mosaics are perfect for your bathroom mosaics. Their earth tones are a great choice for decorating the bathroom, you can combine them with other tones and textures and will always be a success.

X. Aqua Green

If you are one of those looking for the most different on the market, we have the perfect mosaic as a bathroom mosaic. Aqua Green Mosaics are an excellent example of elegance and modernism, using these mosaics on the bathroom walls will bring the 70’s glamour aesthetic.

XI. Essential Hexagon Persian White

Hexagonal mosaics have become one of the most commonly used because of its impermeability as well as its resistance to damage in the mosaic bathrooms. You could mix it with other mosaics or other materials and obtain as a result a bathroom which has personality unique.

XII. Concrete Hive Dark

You can use Concrete Hive Dark mosaic as a mosaic bathroom. One of the best ways to do this is using it as a bathroom floor and combining it with wooden furniture, the room will look cozy and singular.

XIII. Concrete Hive Cream

Using these hexagonal mosaics as bathroom mosaics will give a simple white bathroom a different and original style. In addition, you will be able to select the color you like most for the complements and replace them anytime you want, with no need to care about whether they combine the bathroom.

XIV. Paradise Baia Stone Black

The use of stone mosaics was one of the most popular decoration techniques in Ancient Rome. Fortunately, nowadays we can still use this technique, which gives an atmosphere of uniqueness to the bathroom mosaics. Use this mosaic combined with simple furniture and give the maximum splendor to this room.

XV. Paradise Arrow White

The white Paradise Arrow mosaic can be used to achieve a rustic or more modern appearance, according to what you are seeking. Its design will transmit unique and different feelings and can be used in the wall or bathroom floor getting a country style effect.

XVI. Water River Excellence

The possibilities using mosaics as bathroom mosaics are endless, one of the other options we suggest is to choose the Water River Excellence Mosaic, its colors are perfect for anyone who is looking for minimalism but a surprising result.

XVII. Aqua Blue

Mosaic bathrooms that are decorated with Aqua Blue mosaic immediately take you into the Mediterranean. Covering the bathroom walls with the mosaic and mixing them with elements in white tones will make you immediately connected to the sea and to nature.


Regardless of the mosaic you choose, you should always consult its characteristics, and in addition we recommend that all must be installed by a professional.

A L’Antic Colonial we faithfully believed that quality can be related to beauty. We invite you to consult our catalog and discover the multitude of possibilities that products can offer you.


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