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The best mosaic floors for your home

7 June, 2020 | Mosaicos, Uncategorized
The best mosaic floors for your home

Select mosaic flooring to install at your home could be the best option if you are looking to provide your home a great style and personality. Mosaics flooring are characteristics because of their versatility. You can put this material into walls, floors and surfaces, and they are always going to give to your home a distinguished touch.

Choosing a mosaic flooring is not an easy labor so, from L’Antic Colonial we will give you some tips about which one is the best option for you.

Mosaic flooring. The best choice for you home

Mosaics are made these days with all material and forms you can imagine. Choosing one of the multiple options is going to define the personality of the chosen space.

Historically mosaic flooring has been used for bathrooms, kitchens, some surfaces and sometimes for gardens, but technology and the advances made mosaic flooring become used in all kinds of stays.

In L’ Antic Colonial has available a selection of great quality of mosaics flooring that are going to transform a stay in a majestic place.

➡ Stone Mosaics

Natural stone mosaics are the most flexible and adaptable of our catalog, its versatility allows all kinds of forms, finished and texture, which makes this the perfect way of decorating your place.

Our mosaic flooring by natural stone is one of the most resistant and durable as times go by, you can install in all stays, from the bathroom to the living room. The durability and resistance mean the excellent quality of this material.

You can check in our catalog all-natural stone styles that L’Antic Colonial brings to you and choose the style that suits your taste.

➡ Air Mosaics

If you are looking to give your home a sober and selected appearance, Air Mosaics are the most chosen option by experts. Mosaic flooring covers by Air Mosaics are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and gardens, but these are not the unique.

Air Mosaics are made by ceramic, which means that you will be able to install these excellent mosaics in all the stays, including shower paneling and flooring.

In our catalog you will find different forms of these mosaics as circular or square form. In addition, highlights for the classic binomial of black and white, which never goes out of fashion.

In L’Antic Colonial have an incredible Air mosaics for those who want the best results. This election will maintain the simple and elegant style of the room.

➡ Water Mosaics

If you are looking to give to one or more rooms in your house originality and personality, there is no doubt that you should choose our water mosaics. This mosaic flooring brings a unique and different style to the room, creating a modern and avant-garde air.

You can mix Water mosaics with another mosaics of our catalog and give to the stay and unique and innovator appearance. You will be able to create lots of interesting and singular designs for the stays of your home such as bathrooms, kitchens and if you dare, in bedrooms and living rooms.

These mosaics are the alternative for those who are looking for a trendy aspect for their home but caring about quality.

➡ Victorian Mosaics

The election of this mosaic flooring brings a classy and sophisticated atmosphere to the stay. Victorian mosaics are synonym of excellence and good taste. The stay where you install this mosaic flooring is going to be jewel of the crown.

Victorian mosaics adopts different shapes and forms, and as Water mosaics do, these ones also can be combining with other mosaics, so, if you decided mix them you will keep the classy style but with a touch of avant-garde.

These types of mosaics are made by natural stone and in some cases are combined with glass, but all the materials used for the manufacturing are selected because of the quality.

The quality and materials of all our products guarantee an excellent result. If you are looking for quality and originality to consult our catalog, you will discover the best options for the mosaic flooring and all inspiration you need.

In L´Antic Colonial we take care that our clients always have the best quality of those material that are looking for, that is why all our materials are made with love and attention. We always recommend our clients to check out the instructions, characteristics and particularities of all our products and also be installed by a professional.

Do not hesitate in contact with us if you have any question or doubt, we will be pleasant to help you

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