The best ideas and mosaic pool designs for your swimming pool

The best ideas and mosaic pool designs for your swimming pool

14 June, 2021

Finding inspiration for a mosaic pool design is not always easy. We should worry not only about the colour that fits best the swimming pool style, but also the material we are using, the shape and how comfortable it is on the bare feet. It is also important to consider where certain mosaics should be...

Finding inspiration for a mosaic pool design is not always easy. We should worry not only about the colour that fits best the swimming pool style, but also the material we are using, the shape and how comfortable it is on the bare feet.

It is also important to consider where certain mosaics should be installed. The flooring we will need for around the pool could be different from the one inside it, depending on the effect we are trying to achieve.

Here we show you some of the best ideas depending on what environment you are trying to recreate and tips to make the most out of this special space in your home.

Ideas and tips for choosing the best mosaic flooring

Each person has a different personality and so should their mosaic pool design. When decorating these spaces we are looking for comfort, a style that defines us, somewhere to run away from the stress of daily life. Therefore, we should not take this decision lightly, there are many aspects implied in it.

In L’Antic Colonial we recognize how difficult this must be sometimes. Our aim is to inspire our clients and help them create the house of their dreams and find the perfect mosaic pool design. These ideas will encourage you and provide you a guidance on what to choose depending on your preferences.

What is the best colour for a swimming pool?

When choosing a mosaic pool design, their colour plays an important role on its efficiency and on how much are we going to enjoy it. Dark colours should be discarded since they absorb sunlight and will heat the water more than necessary. They can only be combined with lighter ones to make patterns or create a certain effect.

Lighter colours are then the alternative we should look for (both for the mosaic design inside the pool and around it). This will keep the water fresh and reduce the amount of time and effort it requires to maintain it.

Flooring for around the pool: which one is the best?

Flooring for around the pool should be also made with light colours and being anti-slippery. Mosaic tiles are the best option since they offer a great endurance in wet environments and are easy to maintain and clean.

We have talked before about what is the best flooring for around the pool, so if you need an extended article on it, we recommend you checking our news section to access to a wider range of information about this matter.

Natural aesthetics: what you should look for

When looking for a natural environment in your mosaic pool design, there are some options that you could take into account. This style is perfect for gardens filled with green, surrounded by padded grass and scented flowers.

Some of the most common colours for this style are greens and light blues combined with yellows and turquoise. An interesting alternative would also be to incorporate natural stone flooring around the pool to achieve the real oasis aesthetics on their home garden.

Mosaics should represent nature and its uniqueness. Green mosaics are aimed to camouflage the swimming pool and transforming it into another natural element. Blues represent water and help recreate the authentic colour of the sea. We should choose one of the other depending on the type of environment we aim to recreate.

In addition, some collections in our catalogue have a reflecting effect that create exclusive gleams of sunshine inside the pool to obtain an even more unique place.

Ideas for a minimalistic swimming pool

Minimalistic pools are known for their elegance, modernity and sophistication. They are delimited by straight lines, resulting in rectangular surfaces and simple decoration details. The predominant colours are whites, greys, light blue and turquoise, and they are also enhanced with large-leaved plants that surround it.

This style can be combined both with wooden materials or concrete. A combination of them two is also a great idea. The mosaic pool design must be elegant but composed of only one or two tonalities, since the final result must look uniform and be marked by simplicity. Colours with a matte finish are preferred over glazed ones.

There is no need for special patterns. Mosaics are meant to enhance the natural beauty of water, the main element in the swimming pool, which also receives the most important role in your garden decoration. Therefore, the simpler the mosaic pool design is, the better.

The flooring around the pool can be natural wood, concrete material or grass. This type of swimming pools do not have to have a delimited pool edge since this would help to create the sensation of a more minimalistic style.

L’Antic Colonial: our collections

Now we continue giving you the best ideas about mosaic pool designs and how to apply our wonderful mosaic collection to it.

Dive in with Dip collection

Glass mosaics are an excellent choice for the design of a pool. The collection Dip is a great example of how simplicity can also mean elegance and sophistication with pastel light blues and indigo tonalities. We recommend this line of mosaics for minimalistic styles, but also for industrial, natural and organic ones. It can fit many fashions since its colours are soft and mellow.

These are the different options we offer in this line: Dark, Light, Medium and Mix.

Water Rain Forest and River: create something different

Water Rain Forest and Water River are the collections we recommend to the nonconformists who seek to create a unique and exclusive place where to disconnect and hide away from the world. It belongs to the line Water Mosaics, and it is defined by impressive greens and passionate golds that will make you feel like you are swimming in the middle of the forest.

These are the products we offer: Water Rain Forest Absolute, Water Rain Forest Excellence, Water Rain Forest Supreme, Water River Absolute and Water River Excellence.

Water Twilight: the Mediterranean on your feet

Do you want to bring the singular colours of the sea to your home? Water Twilight reunites the beautiful tonalities of the dusk and places it at your fingertips. Relive the summer nights at the Mediterranean anytime you need and create a magical environment

Here are the options we provide: Water Twilight Absolute, Water Twilight Excellence and Water Twilight Supreme.

If you would like to learn more about our different collections, we encourage you to take a look at our interactive catalogue. Let us inspire you.


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