The naive style: a new trend in interior decoration

The naive style: a new trend in interior decoration

24 November, 2022

What defines the naive style? Check out our ideas on how to apply an innocent and sweet touch to your home with the naif style

From a pictorial point of view, the naïf style is an artistic movement characterized by the search for candor and naivety, which can be associated with self-taught artists, bright colors and unnatural or unscientific perspectives, approached from a somewhat childish point of view.

Within this type of art, whose name comes from the French word naïf (or its Anglo-Saxon form naive, which we can translate as “naive”), the work of 19th century artists such as Henri Rousseau, Anna Mary Robertson Moses (known as Grandma Moses), Séraphine Louis or Orneore Meteli stands out. 

In the 20th century, the naïf style is also present in the works of the Mexican artist Frida Khalo or the French artist Aristide Caillaud. 

Over the years, the naive style has been installed in other creative fields besides of painting, including fashion, design and interior design. 

In fact, nowadays, the naïf style in decoration is more present than ever. Its main hallmarks are minimalism, simplicity and the use of pastel shades such as pink, lavender or mint green.

Design ideas: how to decorate a house in naïf style

Although we are talking about what seems to be a relatively recent trend, the naïf style in decoration has its origins in 19th century France. 

It emerged, possibly, as an aesthetic response to classical academicism: scenes are sought that depart from the references to the Greek and Latin canons, with elements with well-defined contours, deep spaces and a certain genre. 

This search is manifested with printed textiles, also for the walls, and with ceramic coverings in relief. In this sense, mosaics will play a special role, especially with relief, which will give each room a very personal touch, evoking the sweetness and innocence of childhood without compromising adult glamour. 

If there is one thing that defines naïf style, it is spontaneity. That’s why you won’t find two naïf salons alike: no impositions or patterns, everything must be organic and free.

What is naive style

Colors: pastel tones and bright palette 

Naïf style decoration is defined by pastel colors. Dark or neutral tones (blacks, grays, browns, etc.) are relegated to the background or directly excluded. 

Even so, the range of colors of this decorative style is very wide, and fits all tastes. Some of the tones found in the palette of naïf interior design are lilac, pink, jade green, beige or turquoise blue, preferably with a bright and vivid touch. 

To create slight contrasts, we can use white or ivory tones.

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Textures: prints and natural fabrics

Regarding textures for a naïf decoration, prints stand out, which can be mixed regardless of their theme: we can find floral details in curtains, sofa covers or carpets in large format, combining with animal silhouettes in pastel tones. This is common in furniture, which is usually lined with fabric

In addition, in the naive style we can include vintage accessories, typical of the shabby chic style and even some proposals that could be considered rustic. Of course, it should always be small details, such as antique vases, cages or metal or glass picture frames. 

In naïf decoration it is also very common to use vases with natural flowers, usually white or pink, such as camellias, daisies and dahlias.

The premise to combine all these aesthetic elements successfully is the search for balance, without great excesses or contrasts. 

Furniture: avoid sturdy, flashy or overloaded pieces

To decorate a living room with naive style, we must resort to minimalist or Nordic style furniture

We can opt for drawers, shelves or tables in white or pastel tones, avoiding excessively robust, flashy or overloaded pieces. 

Other common materials in naif decoration are wood, wicker or wrought iron. The first is usually present in floors, but also in baseboards and some wall coverings.

L’Antic Colonial’s AC5 CROSS CHEVRON SILVER, AC6 NATURAL 1L YUKON, AC4 RESIDENCE 1L ARIZONA and AC4 STYLE 1L QUIET laminate wood floors in white or light tones are a good example of how to incorporate wood flooring in a naive style home

What is naive style

Walls: patterned wallpaper and mosaics, two good ideas 

Wallpaper is one of the must-haves of naïf style decoration.  

At L’Antic Colonial you will find a wide collection of attractive wallpaper designs, with graphic patterns inspired by architecture and classic lines

We would especially like to highlight L’Antic Colonial’s Dreamland collection which, as its name suggests, evokes the world of dreams and transports us to that children’s universe that we can so easily identify with the naïf style.

If you are looking for a decoration inspired by nature, the AUGUSTA EMERALD, RA AEGEAN and RA PEARL wallpaper models can serve as a starting point. 

In addition to wallpaper and the use of pastel tones, the naïf style in decoration often resorts to mosaics to cover walls. The great advantage of this format is its colors and volumes, adapted to all kinds of tastes and proposals. 

The GLAZE HEXAGON BEIGES MATT and GLAZE DOTS GREYS MATT series could fit in with a naive living room. Also the ESSENTIAL SPIKE THASSOS models or the Drop collection by L’Antic Colonial, with tesserae in matte and metallic finishes in the form of scales in Anthracite, Copper or Brushed tones. 

In these cases, mosaics are not usually used to cover entire walls: the aim is to cover only one part, allowing personalized and exclusive combinations that are truly unique. 

Do you dare to introduce naïf style in your home?


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