3 natural flooring options for your home

3 natural flooring options for your home

27 January, 2022

Discover our wide catalog of natural floors for the home at L'Antic Colonial. → Numerous aesthetic options for all kinds of styles.

Choosing a floor for your home is not always easy: there are many options regarding designs and materials, and the choice of one or another depends on various economic, functional and/or aesthetic aspects.

In recent years, natural floors have acquired a relevant role and have established themselves as a classic, ongoing trend throughout the years.

In addition, one of the main characteristics of natural flooring for homes is its durability and resistance, being timeless materials that fit in with all kinds of decorative styles.

Characteristics of natural flooring for homes

Natural floors are made from materials extracted from nature. The most important are wood and stone

Natural floors are also considered to be those that meet certain requirements during the process of materials extraction, manufacture, installation and maintenance, which implies being respectful with the environment, the people involved, and free of toxics are also considered “natural”. 

Additionally, most natural floors are minimally processed in order to preserve their original characteristics. Therefore, the use of synthetic paints that do not allow natural transpiration is usually avoided on this type of flooring.

Types of natural flooring for homes 

Some of the natural floors that you can introduce in your home are: 


Natural wood floors provide warmth and create pleasant and cozy spaces. 

One of the main advantages of this type of flooring is its thermal insulation capacity, which translates into protection from the cold and heat, and therefore also into greater efficiency of air conditioning equipment. 

Another of the great benefits of wood floors is their variety of formats, colors and finishes: the different shades and irregularities of the knots and grains give this type of flooring a particular and unique beauty. 

Natural wood floors are also very hygienic. Although they require specific maintenance and care, they do not accumulate as many dust mites, dust or allergens as other types of flooring.  

Natural flooring


In an article dedicated to natural flooring for homes, stone plays a prominent role. It is a good alternative for common areas and semi-outdoor spaces, being perfect for gardens, swimming pools, patios and terraces.

In addition, natural stone is not only used as flooring, but also as cladding, offering a homogeneous and magnetic image of spaces such as the bathroom or kitchen. 

Within the natural stone flooring we find different options. The most popular is marble, which is 100% natural and adds a lot of character to spaces. And, although it is often associated with the classic, there are marbles in a wide range of colors that fit perfectly with more modern and minimalist styles. 

Marble is a versatile material and, above all, durable: if small cracks appear, they can be repaired. In addition, it can be polished to bring it back to its original appearance.

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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has become an excellent alternative to solid wood both for its price and due to its ease of installation and maintenance. 

With this name we refer to a series of pieces made up of several layers (or laminates, hence the name), with a base structure composed of medium density wood fibers and some other derivative of this same material to provide rigidity to the plank. 

These pieces have a final decorative coating thanks to which we can achieve different designs for. The most important are those that simulate “classic” natural floors, achieving a wood effect, a tile effect, a brick effect, etc.

If you are thinking of making a reform in your home and are looking for an alternative to traditional natural floors, laminates can be a great choice. Easy to install and clean, this type of flooring generates a great visual change in rooms, adapting to all kinds of aesthetics, from the most striking to the most classic, elegant or warm.

Meet our natural flooring options 

One of our favorite materials is natural wood, which we use in functional and exclusive designs.

Natural flooring

If you want wooden floors for rooms with an elegant traditional touch, our Classic collection will perfectly meet your expectations: the timelessness of its shapes and compositions leaves no one indifferent and adds a distinctive touch to each particular space. 

If you prefer wood floors with more aesthetic possibilities, we recommend you take a look at our Nature collection, with oak wood pieces offering different finishes without losing the natural look. 

Regarding natural stone, at l’Antic Colonial you can find marble, limestone, travertine and slate floors

Limestone floors have been gaining more importance in recent years, being especially relevant in the vintage or minimalist style

Regarding travertine marble, it is a type of natural stone that stands out for its smooth texture and appearance, defined by its pores or cavities. This resistant material carved by nature has magnificent veining, a heterogeneous morphology and unusual shades. 

If you are looking for more specific styles, you can consult our Moka Anticato collection, with a rustic and aged look, or the Artic White series, in light tones, and Airslate, with predominantly dark tones.  

And if you want to add a touch of sobriety to your home, we recommend choosing a slate floor from our Bhutan, Delhi, Kathmandu and Patagonia series

At l’Antic Colonial we have been satisfying the needs of our most demanding customers for more than 20 years with materials of exceptional quality. Consult our catalog of natural flooring for the home.


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