Natural materials vs. tiles

Natural materials vs. tiles

14 February, 2023

Not sure whether to choose natural or ceramic wall tiles for your home? ➦ Check the advantages and disadvantages of each material

When buying a new home or making a reformation, many questions arise as to which materials to use.

Different aspects must be taken into consideration when choosing the right materials for the floor and wall coverings: these include our budget, our personal style, and the functionality of the materials

Natural materials vs. ceramics: what is the difference? 

Natural materials are, basically, those that are unprocessed and untransformed (even if they have been slightly treated to improve them).

Some of the most common natural materials used for cladding and flooring are stone and wood

Tiles, on the other hand, are flat, thin ceramic tiles

They are obtained by preparing a composition of refined raw materials, and are made with clays, silicas, fluxes or colouring agents, among other materials. 

Natural materials vs tiles

Natural materials

Advantages of natural materials

Stone and wood have been two of the most widely used natural materials in construction since ancient times, although, over the years, the way they are extracted, processed and installed has improved.

Both are durable, resistant natural materials and possess a natural beauty that makes them unique. 

With multiple formats and adaptable to any style (on our website you can see our catalogue of wooden floors and natural stone floors to create rustic, modern, elegant environments, etc.), they easily blend with the environment and the landscape.  

Moreover, they are sustainable: as they are obtained with minimal transformation processes, much less energy is consumed compared to that used to produce ceramic tiles, for example.

They are also reusable, as they can be installed in a new building with virtually no modifications.

Disadvantages of natural materials

There are two main disadvantages of natural materials: 

  • Their high price: it is usually high because they are high quality materials. 
  • Their high maintenance. For example, with wooden floors, no chemicals should be used for cleaning, and they need constant maintenance and care. 

Ceramic tiles 

Advantages of ceramic tiles

Tiles are versatile and can be installed in both kitchens and bathrooms, and for both wall and floor coverings. 

One of the main advantages of tiles is that they are a very versatile material, as there are all kinds of colours and designs to create original spaces. 

Tiles are also more affordable than natural materials, and installation is easy as the pieces of tiles are relatively small.

Disadvantages of ceramic tiles

If we have to highlight a “disadvantage” of ceramic tiles, it is undoubtedly their resistance, which is lower than that of stoneware or other ceramics, and also lower than that of some natural materials, such as stone. 

Some of the reasons to opt for tiles vs. natural materials are: 

  • They can imitate marble, wood, cement, etc.
  • They do not need maintenance and resist any cleaning product
  • They do not require extra care (varnishes, polishes, waxes or oils).
  • They are chemically resistant.
  • They do not wear or deteriorate, nor do they lose colour or quality.
  • They can be laid in damp areas.
  • They are shock-resistant.
  • The same format can be used for flooring and cladding
  • They are fireproof and fire resistant.
  • Due to their polished layer, they prevent the accumulation of mites and microbes on their surface
  • They help to distribute heat in underfloor heating systems.
Natural materials vs tiles

Which is the best option for me? 

At L’Antic Colonial we invite you to assess the pros and cons of the different natural and artificial materials before making a decision.

This way, you will choose the alternative that best suits your needs.

If you decide to go for our natural stone floors, you will obtain pure and exclusive finishes that are very elegant. 

Our Bianca series, available in different finishes and in light tones, recalls classical styles, inspired by Greek civilisation; while the Alhama series, with a compact grain, presents a timeless beige tone that fits in with any decorative style. 

If you prefer ceramic walls, we offer you many possibilities: from the Nevada collection, which features a ceramic covering with relief and texture; to the rustic ceramic Parma collection, to the Matera, which achieves a balance between functionality, warmth and beauty and is ideal for industrial environments or to create floors with a cementitious look.
Want to know more about our ceramic floors? Consult our product catalogues.


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