10 reasons you should use natural stone cladding

10 reasons you should use natural stone cladding

22 July, 2020

Natural stone is one of the elements most highly valued by professionals when it comes to choosing the material to clad the facade of a building. Using natural stone cladding for your project is definitely a great choice. There are many benefits derived from the use of natural stone cladding, among others, because it is...

Natural stone is one of the elements most highly valued by professionals when it comes to choosing the material to clad the facade of a building. Using natural stone cladding for your project is definitely a great choice.

There are many benefits derived from the use of natural stone cladding, among others, because it is durable, sustainable and resistant material.

From L’Antic Colonial we tell you 10 reasons you should use natural stone cladding, in addition in our catalogue you will find a wide variety of products of excellent quality.

1. It is a durable material.

The main characteristic of natural stone is the fact that it is a durable material that resists the passage of time which implies that using natural stone cladding guarantees the durability of your project, its appearance maintains along the time.

In addition, in recent years there have been emerging new techniques and tools which have facilitated the maintenance of this product.

2.  You can reuse it

One of the great benefits that, without a doubt, brings the use of natural stone is the fact that you can give it every use you want.

The durability of natural stone is exactly the reason why it is reusable. You can use natural stone cladding to cover your house and, if you decide to do any changes in your project, you can reuse this material and also place in other areas of the house.

Covering the house with natural stone definitely does not end the useful life of this exceptional material.

3. It is versatile

Natural stone is a very versatile material which can be adapted to any project you choose. You can use cladding natural stone in both, in the most modern house designs as well as in more traditional constructions such as rustic houses, as our model Globe Wall Burma.


The advance of new technologies has made installation systems easier. In the L’Antic Colonial catalogue we explain in detail how to properly fit each one of our products, since it is very important to achieve optimal results.

In addition, its use is not limited to wall cladding, natural stone can also be used in flooring or bathroom furniture such as sinks.

4. Offers aesthetic variety

This material offers a wide variety of possibilities, if you choose natural stone cladding for the design in of your home you will be able to select from an unlimited number of textures and colours, this material allows you to adapt the project to your needs and preferences.

Another aspect that we must bear in mind is the fact that no stone is the same as any other, each one is unique and different, which provides to your home a touch of exclusivity and originality.

5. It fits other materials

The versatility of this material not only allows you to play with the different colours and the finishes it offers, but you can also combine it with other materials such as wood or glass.

You can emphasize the beautiful aesthetics of natural stone cladding with other materials, giving a unique look to your home.

6. Architectural Integration

The natural stone cladding allows the design of the construction to blend in perfectly with the landscape where the house is located, thereby totally integrating with the environment, especially the spaces where nature predominates.

You could innovate with your design and simultaneously offer a little tribute to nature.

L’Actic Colonial has exclusive models that allow you to design a project that combines with its environment, such as the Vast Desert Classico, using this model will move you directly to the desert.

7. Thermal Insulation Material

One of the properties of natural stone is its ability to maintain cold in summer and warmth in winter because of the density of the material.

It also provides significant energy savings, improving the energy efficiency of the home.

This is another great reason to use natural stone cladding in your project.

8. Acoustic Insulation Material

The density of the natural stone will not only make it a great thermal insulation material, but it also provides acoustic insulation from external noise.

By using natural stone cladding you will be able to reduce the sounds that come from the outside, which will allow you to enjoy the peace and quiet that reigns over the house.

9. It is fire safe

Natural stone is a fire-resistant material that is usually used in construction, since its use can retard the propagation of the fire in case of emergency.

You should always choose the right natural stone cladding of excellent quality such as L’Antic Colonial products.


10. Resistant to climate change

The last but not least on the list of reasons to use natural stone cladding is the capacity of this material to resist and tolerate the weather changes throughout the years.

Thanks to the natural properties of the natural stone, this material has the capacity to adapt perfectly to all types of weather, even in the most extreme conditions.

No matter if the facade is exposed to extreme temperature changes, long summer days under the sun, heavy rain, freezing weather, snow or strong winds, the natural stone cladding has the capacity to resist everything.

Weather is not a problem for this absolutely magnificent material.

Are you looking for inspiration for your natural stone cladding?

If you are looking for some ideas for using natural stone as cladding, you will be able to find inspiration anywhere, from a decoration magazine to a walk on the woods, you will find the inspiration you need before you know it.

From L’ Antic Colonial we want to help you find some creative ideas, so we invite you to take a look at our catalogue, maybe what you need for your dream home is there. We provide our customers with everything they need, high quality material made with love and passion.

There is no doubt that natural stone cladding is one of the best ideas, both for its elegance and for the quality of its material.


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