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Ideas for Natural Stone Flooring

31 July, 2020 | Piedra Natural, Revestimientos
Ideas for Natural Stone Flooring

Natural Stone flooring is the perfect choice if you are looking for an original alternative to parquet or other types of floors. The resistance, durability, versatility and impermeability made natural stone a success.

When designing a house, the floor becomes the key element for the decoration, for this reason it is important to choose a natural stone floor that suits your personal style but at the same time provides a touch of elegance.

From L’Antic Colonial we are well aware of the importance of choosing the right natural stone floor, which is why we are telling you some ideas:

Ideas for natural stone flooring: indoor flooring

Natural stone floors made of materials such as marble, slate or limestone are ideal for the interior of your home. This material will provide an atmosphere of exclusivity that will make you get the house of your dreams.

In addition to the beauty of the natural stone flooring, it is a material that withstands the passage of time perfectly.

The following are some of the properties of these materials:


The marble is one of the toughest and most resistant natural stones which has the ability to stand the passage of time and keep perfectly.

In addition, it is a stone known for its beauty and elegance. For this reason, by combining its aesthetic and technical properties, marble has become the material most chosen by expert interior designers and architects to be used as a natural stone floor.

Marble is the historical natural stone par excellence, since it is the building and building material that has been used over the years for the construction of impressive Cathedrals and monuments.

In L’Antic Colonial catalogue you will find different shades and finishes that can be personalized for your project.


One of the greatest qualities of slate is that it is a very versatile natural stone that has the ability to adapt to all types of styles: modern, elegant, rustic among others.

The natural stone floor is a hard material because of its density and consistency which means that it is resistant and endures over time.

Its black tone makes slate an elegant material, although you can find other colors such as white, grey, red or brown that also bring exclusivity to your project.

Its versatility and beauty together with some other technical qualities such as impermeability or durability makes it a material which can be recommended for both indoor and outdoor use.

The experts use slate as a natural stone floor because the combination of colours and finishes of this material makes it the perfect base.


Limestone is a material that stands out for its lightness and simplicity, widely used by interior designers and architects who are looking for a simple but striking design at the same time.

Because of its composition there is a wide variety of light tones that range from white, ochre, grey and beige which are ideal for use as a natural stone flooring. In addition to the variety of colours, the porosity is another of the great qualities of this material.

The properties of this natural stone allow it to be used in interior floors but also in exterior floors.

Ideas for natural stone flooring: outdoor flooring

Thanks to its strength and durability, natural stone is the ideal material for outdoor flooring such as gardens and terraces.

Due to the properties of some materials such as quartzite or travertine, they are perfect to be used as natural stone floors in exteriors.

The following are some of the properties of these materials:


One of the most widely used construction materials in the last few years is quartzite. The high resistance to temperature changes, durability and low water absorption make it perfect for outdoor use.

Quartzite usually appears in nature in brown tones, although with the appropriate treatments this material can be also available in white or black tones, ideal for natural stone floors.

This natural stone is often used by interior designers and architects as a building material for roads and walks due to its unbeatable results.

You can combine natural stone flooring materials such as quartzite with others such as slate or granite and design the house you want.


This natural stone is a variation of the marble that, like this one, has been used for the construction of museums, churches, palaces, temples and other historical buildings. The characteristic resistance of this material and its beauty turn any space into a singular and exclusive place.

Its resistance and particular beauty are not the only excellent properties of travertine. Its great morphological qualities make it very easy to work with, and this makes it the ideal natural stone floor.

The travertine marble is perfect for minimalist and avant-garde environments and also, when it is used as a natural stone flooring it will add an extra shine and beauty to the room.

Its surface has some irregularities which makes each stone have a unique appearance. It is the perfect natural stone floor for indoor flooring.

Natural Stone Flooring in L’Antic Colonial

There is no doubt that choosing natural stone flooring is the most appropriate choice, not only because of its technical capabilities but also for the beauty it brings.

At L’Antic Colonial we have a wide range of excellent quality products that we would like you to discover. In addition, you will find the inspiration that you are looking for in order to design the house that you have always dreamed of.

It is important that you consult the uses and applications of each of our products with the objective of obtaining greater effectiveness and beauty of them.

Our wide variety of products can be adapted to the requirements and preferences of each one of our clients, so don’t hesitate any longer and discover a world of possibilities on our website.

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