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Natural Stone Paving: How to choose the best one

Natural Stone Paving: How to choose the best one

22 July, 2020

Natural stone paving has the power to transform an ordinary home into a comfortable and elegant. The advantages offered by this type of material are innumerable, which is why it is one of the most used by the professionals when it comes to the design of a home. Natural stone paving brings an aesthetic beauty...

Natural stone paving has the power to transform an ordinary home into a comfortable and elegant. The advantages offered by this type of material are innumerable, which is why it is one of the most used by the professionals when it comes to the design of a home.

Natural stone paving brings an aesthetic beauty to the house that will make you not want to look away from the floor.

From L’Antic Colonial we bring you the greatest tips to choose the best natural stone pavement:

knows the advantages of natural stone paving

Despite the years, natural stone remains one of the most popular choices for flooring. The advantages of this material are many and infinite, but we will undoubtedly highlight the most important ones.

Its grate beauty

One of the main reasons why people choose natural stone for paving is because of the incredible beauty this material gives to the room.

Natural stone is a unique and very versatile material, there is not a stone like any other, so with this material you will be able to give your home an unequalled beauty that any synthetic material would not achieve.

When you choose natural stone pavement there is a range of possibilities of colours and textures so the design can be adapted to your tastes and preferences.

The tones and colours you choose for the room’s floor will play a key role in the design of the room.

Light tones such as white or beige provide the room with a feeling of purity and transparency, grey and black tones bring elegance and tranquillity while brown tones give the room a natural and rustic appearance.

Natural stone: synonymous of quality

Natural stone is a material that has been used since prehistoric times, it has been used traditionally in areas where this material is abundant due to its durability.

This material is characterized by its great strength and durability, most of the stones not only withstand the passage of time but also are resistant against damage.

Not only does it bring beauty and originality to the room where this material has been installed, but it also increases the value of the home.

In recent times there are a great variety of materials that can be used as a natural stone pavement, which will allow you to create a design that suits both your tastes and needs.

The most used materials for the natural stone paving are the following:

➡ Marble

Marble is synonymous with excellence; it is one of the favourite materials of designers because it is a material that transforms any room into a place with elegance and style.

It is a type of pavement that given its durability is advisable to use it in interior floors.

Es un tipo de pavimento que dada su durabilidad es aconsejable utilizarlo en suelos interiores.

There are marble pieces in a great variety of colours, from black or grey, to white, green or red.

➡ Limestone

Limestone is a natural stone that has been formed from seashells, which is why this material usually presents itself in light tones.

It is a non-porous and very resistant material, which permits the installation of natural stone paving both in interiors and exteriors.

It also has non-slip qualities and a lofty resistance level to erosion.

➡ Slate

Slate is a very hard, resistant, compact, non-slip and perdurable stone.

Traditionally, slate was used as a natural stone pavement on the exterior, but in the last few years it has also been commonly found inside homes.

The naturalness that this type of material transmits is mainly due to the grey and dark tones.

➡ Quartzite

Natural quartzite stones are characterized by their great durability and resistance.

It presents a great variety of colours and textures, since the smoothest texture to the roughest one.

Quartzite is a natural stone that resists temperature changes very well.  Given their resistance to temperature changes, they are ideal for installing natural stone paving

These are just some of the natural stones you will find in the catalogue of L’Antic Colonial. We recommend you visit the web page to know more about the applications and instructions for each one of our products.

Where is the house located?

Taking in to account the geographical area where the house is located is an essential factor when installing an outdoor pavement.

Depending on the geographic area in which the house is located, the pavement will be affected by different climate factors. It is not the same the warm zones of the south of the Spanish peninsula that the cold in the zones that are more to the north.

If your property is located in the north, these are usually areas with colder temperatures that are often affected by heavy rain, strong winds, snowfalls or severe drops in temperature.

However, on the other hand, if the house is located in hot areas, such as the south of the Iberian Peninsula, the natural stone pavement installed in your patio will be affected by the incidence of UVA rays as well as by the long hot days.

Its resistance to the weather conditions is the reason why this material stands out for its quality, it is capable of tolerating them without deteriorating.

In addition, another advantage offered by natural stone paving is that it is a 100% eco-friendly material. Not only is its manufacture environmentally friendly, it also reduces the cost of heating and air conditioning, which translates into energy savings.

One of the great advantages of natural stone flooring is that it requires hardly any care, it is easy to clean, and surface dirt is simply removed with water and natural soap.

To learn about installation and cleaning, each of our products, visit the website for instructions and uses.

Natural stone for facades at L’Antic Colonial

L’Antic Colonial has over 20 years in the treatment and commercialization of high-quality materials, which satisfy the most demanding client’s requirements.

In this way, we have a wide variety of products that can be adapted to the preferences and necessities of each of our clients so that they can achieve the house of their dreams. We would like to invite you to explore a world of possibilities on our website.


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