Natural Stone vs Ceramic. Their pros and cons

Natural Stone vs Ceramic. Their pros and cons

18 October, 2020

Both natural stone and ceramic are two materials that due to their excellent properties are widely used by great professionals such as architects or interior designers. These two materials are perfect for the design of your home, as they provide a touch of elegance and exclusivity. But there are some characteristics that differentiate them, for...

Both natural stone and ceramic are two materials that due to their excellent properties are widely used by great professionals such as architects or interior designers.

These two materials are perfect for the design of your home, as they provide a touch of elegance and exclusivity.

But there are some characteristics that differentiate them, for this reason, from L’Antic Colonial we tell you the difference between natural stone vs. ceramic

Natural Stone vs Ceramic. Origin

Natural stone is a material that comes from nature with no manufacturing process involved in its production.

There are many types of this natural resource, among the best known are marble, granite or slate. In the catalog of L’Antic Colonial you can discover a selection of the most exclusive natural stones.

On the other hand, the ceramic is a material that must go through a process of elaboration. Its origin dates back to the Upper Paleolithic period, when the first recipients made of this material appeared. It is, without a doubt, one of the industries with more antiquity in the history of the humanity.

In order to obtain this material, it is necessary to bake natural materials, as well as a series of additives.

The first difference that exists between natural stone vs. ceramic is its origin, since one is of natural origin and the other is the result of a process

Natural Stone vs Ceramic. Durability

One of the main characteristics of natural stone is its durability, which is one of the reasons why this material has been used in construction and as an architectural element throughout history.

Its extraordinary resistance to the inclemency of the weather means that natural stone can withstand the passage of time and remain intact. The aging process is slow, which makes it a suitable material for both interior and exterior use.

As for the ceramic is a material that, being made from the combination of sandy materials, its durability is high. The system used to measure the durability of ceramic tiles is the PEI metric.

The PEI metric measures the material in 5 degrees according to the wear resistance of the glazes that cover the ceramic. The scale ranges from grade 1, practically recommended only for use on interior walls or floors, to grade 5, which indicates that it can be used for residential, commercial and institutional applications under higher pressure.

In addition, it is a very low-porosity material that absorbs significantly less water than other materials, which means that against climatic attacks are very resistant, and also prevents the growth on the surface of mold or germs.

When comparing natural stone vs. ceramic, it is worth mentioning that both materials are highly resistant and durable.

Natural Stone vs Ceramic. Thermal insulation

One of the great virtues of natural stone is that it is an excellent natural thermal insulator. The properties of natural stone allow to regulate and maintain the room of the house in which this material has been used for walls or floors, in a perfect condition.

In such a way that, in summer the house will remain cold and, in winter, it will remain warm, since it has the capacity of absorbing the heat of the chimney or heating and maintaining it.

Covering your home with natural stone will make the temperature optimal.

As for the ceramic, depending on the quality and characteristics of the materials with which it is made, it can also be an excellent thermal insulator.

When it comes to the design of a project, it is important to select ceramics of excellent quality. We suggest you visit our catalog, in L’Antic Colonial we get involved in the whole manufacturing process of our products to obtain an optimal result.

Both materials are excellent thermal insulators, when it comes to natural stone vs. ceramic, natural stone is in this case more recommendable.


Natural Stone vs Ceramic. Design

One of the most characteristic properties of natural stone is that there are no two stones alike, which allows you to enjoy a unique and exclusive design.

This resource presents an infinite number of textures and colors that can be adapted to all kinds of tastes and personalities when it comes to design. Whatever style you are looking for, natural stone will adapt perfectly, as it is a very versatile material.

Colors such as black, white, orange, red, blue are just some of the tones you can find from this wonderful material in our online catalog.

On the other hand, there are many advantages of ceramics, since it is a material that must have a manufacturing process, it can be manufactured with the desired shape and dimension, ideal to customize the design of your home.

At L’Antic Colonial we offer our clients a great variety of ceramic pieces in different shades and textures, which allows a multitude of infinite combinations.

There are no great differences when it comes to differentiate natural stone vs. ceramic design, as both materials present infinite possibilities.


Natural stone and ceramics with L’Antic Colonial

These two materials have excellent characteristics that make every space a unique and exclusive place. In addition, by combining natural stone elements with ceramic elements when designing any room, you will get sensational results.

In L’Antic Colonial we have more than 20 years of experience in the treatment and commercialization of excellent quality materials satisfying the needs of our most demanding clients.

Do not wait any longer and visit our website, there you will find a multitude of ideas that will serve as the necessary inspiration to create the house of your dreams.

It is recommended to consult the uses and applications of each of our products for an optimal result and that their installation is always done by a professional.

If you have any doubt or question, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.


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