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5 desks for modern times

The desk is a piece of furniture with a historical load, which achieved its main peak in the Renaissance, when culture began to slowly spread closer to all social classes. A new appreciation of art and knowledge helped to bring this piece of furniture out of the Middle Ages of scribes and calligraphers and into modern times.

Since then, its slow but steady presence has become a furniture piece with a significant emotional charge. From a traditional “secretary” with writing a space to existing desktops simpler for study, going through a variety of types, this furniture has been adapted to all types without losing the romance that makes it unique.


Martin D. Christensen Poet for the house of Nordic Tales.

Inspired by the classic Scandinavian furniture craftsman, Martin D. Christensen this piece poses a polished desk line made entirely of wood. It incorporates a drawer and inside storage space.

Wood desk


Ernest de Borja García Studio for Punt.

The Valencian firm poses a desk, which is a tribute to Ernest Hemingway. Moving the grandeur of a historical piece to sobriety and simplicity of this eclectic Ernest does. It integrates a storage space and a lectern that runs along the front of the piece and cabling solutions that bring out this furniture’scontemporary needs.

Wood desk


Copenhagen Ronan and ErwanBouroullec for Hay

The Hay house invited the Bouroullec brothers to create a collection of furnishings for the new home of the University of Copenhagen ( KUA ) . The designers responded with a great collection including achair, stool and several tables. The desk stands out for its clean lines and elegance , creating both beauty of simplicity .

Wood desk
My writing desk of etc.etc. Studio for Emko

This Red Dot Award 2014 winning desktop incorporates horizontal storage solutions for all things that accumulate and complicate our workspace. It also hides two drawers so we have no excuse to leave the table full at the end of the day.

Wood desk

That Vesmanen Bureau for horm.it

Yet another proposal to solve the problem of storage. In this case, Vesmanen. This poses a hidden solution that minimises the space required for folding the piece itself. When open, it is similar to a secretor classic, using a body supported on a structure of oblique legs.

Wood desk
Five desktops that achieve praise and romanticism with which this piece has maintained throughout history. Looking back with enormous respect.  Simplicity, timelessness, beauty and a love for writing.

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