A tree-dwelling inspired by Fibonacci spiral. Mathematics and wood in the Fibonacci Treehouse - L'Antic colonial

A tree-dwelling inspired by Fibonacci spiral. Mathematics and wood in the Fibonacci Treehouse

If as well as being a faithful wood lover, you are into mathematics, you will be able to make out that a log table is inspired in this treehouse. The Fibonacci spiral, this mathematical formula often present  in nature is brought to life in this charming and cosy wooden house designed by the  Blue Forest architecture and interior design studio.

Just like in a pineapple, in a snail’s shell or in the same galaxy, everything is explained according to this numerical formula that emerges in the very same architecture. And it makes an excellent fusion of nature, mathematics and wood design.

Treehouse based Fibonacci spiral

Located in a forest in Spain, the Fibonacci Treehouse catches you by surprise because of its curved shape and its huge spiral shaped profile format. Its construction is sustainable, based on a string of larch wood sheets, on the inside lining as well as on the wooden floors outside, which make the terrace extend even more. The limits between the inside and the outside of the house seem to disappear, now that they are visually connected because of the huge glazed picture window which can be seen in the entrance of the structure.

Treehouse based Fibonacci spiral

With regard to interior design, Blue Forest designed a very clear and bright space inside the Fibonacci treehouse, with the curved lined wood playing a leading role. The inside is very spacious and this includes a very modern and fully equipped kitchen with a breakfast bar and a wine cooler. Everything that is needed for this house to turns itself into one big room, right in the middle of nature.

Treehouse based Fibonacci spiral

The Fibonacci treehouse finds itself surrounded by big trees, so close to the trees that it even integrates itself into the string of suspended bridges made from rope and wood, which let you gain access to the house from different spots. The architecture turns itself into a game, both because of the charming bridges and the very long toboggan, which the house relies on in order to be able to cross through the woods. In short, a warm and rustic wooden structure but with a very contemporary touch.

Treehouse based Fibonacci spiral

Treehouse based Fibonacci spiral

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