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Achieve a timeless kitchen using wood

At Wood Lovers we are always looking to make wood the mainstay in the different areas which make up a house. If, in previous posts, we have talked about how to decorate your bathroom using wood for a cosy and attractive feel, this week we have prepared an article on how to give a warm and timeless feel to your kitchen thanks to wood.

Wooden furniture for the kitchen

Although wood is a material that we are more used to seeing in rustic or more classical kitchens, it fits just as well in modern kitchens. Wooden furniture fits perfectly into any style. Wood, either natural or in laminate form, is ideal for different items in the kitchen such as pantries, cupboards, drawers, work surfaces, tables, chairs… the possibilities are endless!

If, on top of this, the wood used is natural and sustainable, it will have a positive impact on allergies or respiratory problems. Wooden kitchens harmonise with nature and radiate individuality via the grain and unique textures which means that no two wooden kitchens are the same.

Finishes for wooden furniture

Wooden furniture can be worked using different surface treatment techniques (lacquered, varnished or brushed) to change its original aspect.

The coloured lacquer technique covers the wood completely with a layer of coloured lacquer in a matt or gloss finish. To conserve the gloss, the lacquered furniture should be cleaned using a cloth dampened with liquid glycerine and, once it has been absorbed, gone over again with a dry cloth.

Varnish creates contrasts or strengthens or lightens the natural colour of the wood. It is especially great for grained wood as it brings out the natural beauty of the grain. If the furniture to be varnished has either an old painted or varnished finish, it will have to be removed using paint remover, a heat gun or by sanding.

And lastly, the brushing technique, perfect for restoring or decorating furniture or pieces of wood. In this technique the wood is brushed along the grain of the wood with a soft metal brush and a white lime paste applied. This gives the desired antique look once it penetrates the grooves made by the brush.

4 kitchens have been chosen for this gallery, from the most up to date and avant-garde to the more countrified and rustic, but all of them have one factor in common: wood.

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