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Biolclimatic architecture: live in a sustainable way

Balance and harmony with the environment are the main premises that bioclimatic architecture defends as a way of living sustainably, taking care of and respecting the environment. It is not about making large investments of money, but taking advantage of the resources that nature offers us, such as natural wood, for example.

Following the premises that we have mentioned above we can minimize energy consumption and environmental pollution. And, although it may seem otherwise, implementing this system in your home is not that complicated.

Tips for the construction of a biolclimatic house

  1. Orientation: correct orientation of the house means maximum use of the daylight hours.
  2. Insulation: not only on the walls, but also on floors and ceilings. Insulation of the walls is essential when looking for maximum efficiency in maintaining the temperature.
  3. Ventilation: in bioclimatic architecture, cross ventilation is what you need in homes. This means using the ventilation of doors and windows to aerate the house effectively. As the architect Laura Nuñez, from Plan Reforma, states, this cross ventilation is achieved by opening a window on the façade where the wind usually blows and another on the opposite side. This way we get the air circulating, as long as the orientation of the building or house is optimal.
  4. Compactness: the less open spaces exist in the home, the less energy will be consumed, resulting in greater energy efficiency.
  5. Thermal resistance: in bioclimatic constructions we must look for materials that do not suffer sudden changes when the temperature varies. Natural wood, in this case, is a good example as it is a material with low thermal conductivity and is a good thermal insulator, much better than, for example, the concrete that is used in so many buildings today.

Advantages of using natural wood to clad your house

Covering your house with natural wood or using this material to decorate certain rooms has different advantages. How could you forget we are woodlovers? Take note!

  • Wood absorbs damp which helps to purify the atmosphere and maintain an optimal humidity: when the environment is damp, it absorbs it and this helps to regulate the temperature.
  • This aspect makes it possible to create warmer areas in winter and cooler ones in summer.
  • Wood is recyclable and biodegradable and is considered to be the most sustainable building material available. These are the pillars on which bioclimatic architecture is based..
  • Wood is weather resistant and resistant to meteorological changes.
  • Natural wood can be used both on the inside and the outside, creating comfortable, high-end quality spaces.

Opting for bioclimatic architecture means a new way of constructing and designing houses. Wood is a great way of achieving this aim.

Arquitectura bioclimática

Arquitectura bioclimática


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