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Christmas decor in wood

Wood is the element which provides the most warmth and comfort to your furnishing. Moreover, over the last few years, wood has become the thing to have and it is very trendy as far as decor and interior design is concerned. The Nordic style, the triumphant leader when it comes to decorating our homes, is based on a combination of the warmth of wood with the simplicity of its warm and neutral tones.

decoración navideña con madera

So, if you are already thinking about the way to decorate your house at Christmas, remember that natural wood is always a winner and there are many different options to choose from. Take note…

decoración navideña con madera

The entrance to your house is one of the first places we like to decorate as it is the first our guests see. This Christmas go for an entrance where wood is the focal point. How about this idea: wooden table with monochrome complements in the same tones, complements such as a small star with lights or small wrapped decorative gifts.

Another interesting option is to hang crowns on the wall and put up a small natural Christmas tree. All of this will provide a simple and natural rustic setting where woody tones are the focus.

Wood is great to use anywhere. You can breathe Christmas into any small empty space in your house. A little wooden table painted in white or a stool can be the perfect choice when decorating. And all this combined with winter textures such as fine hair blankets or why not a fir tree with fairy lights. And don’t forget the candles… they’ll give it that unique and very special touch.

As we tend to spend most of our time at the table this is what we pay most attention to when we decorate our house at Christmas. Christmas 2017 is the year of the wooden table, the more rustic and less treated the better. Nordic Christmas is in vogue and all the trends tend towards simple, handmade objects, natural textures and warmth. A tip: use fir branches or other plants to make centrepieces for the table: this Christmas, little is more and the result will be perfect.

Another option when decorating your table, and is one of the biggest trends in interior design this Christmas, is to use small rounds of trunk and use them as plates or as decorative objects. The furor for wooden decor reaches these extremes. An interesting option is to place some simple white candles and adorn your table, also wooden, with small tree twigs. With this combination you are sure to surprise your guests.

There is always a corner where we make more of an effort and in which the Christmas decoration is more obvious than in others. And that is usually the place where we put the Christmas tree. The perfect corner, as far as interior design is concerned, is that in which wood is the focal point, such as on the walls or floors. You could also include it in little tables or ornamental objects. To counteract so much wood, go for monochrome tones which provide extra warmth and comfort to the atmosphere. The results are extremely pretty and look as if they have been taken straight out of a Christmas tale.

decoración navideña con madera

As you can see, wood is the focal point of Christmas 2017 and will change all the areas in your house into something unique and special. Try it and make it part of your Christmas decor. As our Woodlovers manifesto already says, wood is our passion and our inspiration. And this Christmas it can be yours too!

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