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How can you create a relaxed and natural atmosphere in your bathroom?

Bathrooms are one of the rooms in the house where we can change the style simply by changing a decorative article, by adding a plant or including a picture which goes with the decor. Choosing furniture which allows us to make these changes is fundamental and, it goes without saying, we can achieve this with wood.

Wood is a material which lends warmth and character to a bathroom. Even though it has always been thought, and rightly so, that it wasn’t advisable to use this material in the bathroom, as wood deteriorates rapidly in damp conditions, the advances in wood treatment make it possible for us to use this natural material in our bathrooms without losing functionality or comfort.

In the first place, to achieve the natural and relaxed ambience we are looking for, we need only a few elements but each one of those with its own character. This is the key to attaining a welcoming room.

The distribution of the bathroom is essential to give the sensation of spaciousness without stress. If you know how to strategically place the necessary elements and make the most of the lighting as well, you are just about there.

The key is in the materials

The sensation of privacy, safety and comfort is very important. For this, you don’t need to place pretentious elements in the room, but fine ones such as handcrafted natural wood, without renouncing colour, provide a friendly, warm and restful atmosphere.

Decorating your bathroom with wood gives you an infinite number of combinations and options: from laminates on the floor and/or walls to the furniture. You can also opt for strategically placing small pieces of wood to give a feeling of warmth.

Besides this, wood combines perfectly with other materials to give a distinctive feel. The combination of mosaics on the walls and wood on the floor, wood on the walls and natural stone on the floor or the inclusion of glass in the decor gives a touch of modernity and distinction.

Another option to look into, is mirrors of different sizes and styles with indirect led lighting.

Dress a room with natural light and plants and you will achieve the perfect balance between functionality, style and warmth in such a private and personal area as is the bathroom.


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