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One week for design lovers

It’s time for design. It’s time to put black over white and place design where it deserves. Where design has always deserved.

The seventh edition of Valencia Disseny Week (VDW) has started and in order to bring the best of the profession to the streets, this week’s converge is being presented in only one space Cevisama (International Ceramics Lounge), Maderalia (International Wood Exhibition) and Habitat, dedicated to the furniture and lighting sector.

Exhibitions, meetings between companies and international press, conferences, lectures, openings and workshops… And all compressed into five intensive days.

Don’t forget to make a note.

Francesc Rifé will act as master of the ceremonies to start off the VDW and he will do so with a tour of his more than twenty-year career at the conference “Simple portrait”, on Monday the 1st at 7pm in the MUVIM auditorium.

Just one hour later three showcases will be opened simultaneously: The “Unamo Design” exhibition, a showcase for companies and designers of products, the “1OY6” by Lebrel, an exhibition about self and manual design using PVC tubes as the main material and the presentation of new collections of porcelain, the Cija created by Studio Nine.


On Tuesday Design Works CEU starts, these are the days which are dedicated to design with workshops and exhibitions at Palacio de Colomina.

In the afternoon, from 6pm, N(e)omads presents their first product based on  “New Nomads” and self-production. There will be two more events side by side at 7pm: “The beautiful 15” by Mouet with the participation of Estudio Menta, Borja García Studio, Dídac Ballester, Héctor Serrano and Odosdesign among others and the meeting of Meet & Greet & Eat between designers, companies and press in Las Naves.


Give yourself a second to take a breath as there is still plenty to do in the week ahead.

We can start Wednesday morning by listening to a talk from the lighting company Luzifer in the days of “Dialogues” form the EASD from 11:20am or we can discover the Espai Alfaro in Godella with the guided tours organised by the Alfaro Hoffman foundation as part of VDW.


Among all of the options available for Wednesday afternoon, two clearly stand out: the show of recycled products “Design, Create and Recycle” and “Fresh meat/In the oven”, the exhibition that gathers the best projects from design students in the Community of Valencia.


We should not forget Feria Habitat, Cevisama and Madertalia. Thursday is the perfect day to approach and enjoy the nine proposals of this industry and incidentally listen to promising Youngers in the Altavoz Nude edition: a scene, a microphone, a screen and 90 seconds to listen to them from 4pm.


And form there head to the discussion about design and gastronomy organised by CEU from 6pm with the presence of Jesús Terrés, Borja García, Ricard Camarena and Pedro González among others. To finish the day, there is nothing better than enjoying the the 21th edition from Pecha Kucha Valencia and Pronoise concert at Correoviejo square.

The week comes to an end with a highlight: a talk by Jorge Prensi (Winner of the National Award in Design 1997) in dialogues EASD. More highlights remain, from 8pm when the digital magazine More with less will open their studio doors in the Carmen district.

And these are only some of the massive quantity of events taking place in the city during the week. Valencia offers its best.

Have a good week!

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